Former First Data Leader Frank Bisignano Named Fiserv CEO

Frank Bisignano pushed financial services company First Data through recovery last year, right before it was taken over by Fiserv. Under the Fiserv banner, he hopes the company will see increased sales, a higher range of client solutions, and an expanded footprint. His hard work clearly paid off, as he will take over Fiserv’s CEO duties on July 1st of this year. Bisignano will replace Jeff Yabuki, who said of his successor, "With the successful integration of First Data well underway, this is the right time for Frank to lead the next phase of the company’s evolution.”

Fiserv’s first quarter revenue was up 151% from last year, coming in at $3.77 billion. With 44,000 employees, the company looks forward to even more growth in the coming year. If history repeats itself, it will take much more than a global pandemic to slow Mr. Bisignano down. After the first tower fell on 9/11, he quickly led his Citigroup employees to a safe location. He kept his head above water through the Great Recession, and is prepared to lead Fiserv through whatever COVID-19 has in store. In addition to cultural disasters, he also won the battle against throat cancer.

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A blue-collar worker from Brooklyn, Bisignano is a modern-day illustration of hard work paying off to achieve the American Dream. He hasn’t let a view from the ivory tower cloud his vision - part of his pandemic strategy includes giving extra hazard pay to employees who are most exposed to the public. He has also enlisted other high-ranking figures within the company to set aside personal funds to donate to employees who are personally affected by the virus.

With more than 30 years of senior leadership experience, Bisignano is prepared to lead Fiserv through the challenges of 2020. He has a record of improving company balance sheets, and fighting on the front lines against whatever conflict rears its head. Focusing on minimizing damage and helping his employees thrive, Bisignano prepares to ensure Fiserv emerges an even bigger name post-COVID-19 than it was before the pandemic began.