Former PayPal CEO Dan Schulman Joins Valor Capital to Drive FinTech Growth in Latin America

Former PayPal CEO Dan Schulman has been appointed managing partner at Valor Capital, as announced in an April 8, 2024 news release. Schulman, recognized for his influential role in the tech industry over the past three decades, brings with him a distinguished record of driving innovation and fostering financial well-being. During his nine-year tenure at PayPal, Schulman oversaw significant milestones, including quintupling payment value to $1.3 trillion. His appointment coincides with a pivotal moment as the FinTech landscape shifts its focus to Latin America, with countries like Mexico and Brazil emerging as key players.

Valor Capital, known for launching the first U.S. and Latin American cross-border venture fund in 2011, underscores Schulman's appointment as a strategic move to capitalize on the region's burgeoning FinTech opportunities. The firm's founding Partner, Scott Sobel, emphasizes Schulman's expertise and track record, highlighting his pivotal role in driving PayPal's strategic investments in Latin America, including a $750 million partnership with MercadoLibre. Schulman's leadership aligns with Valor's mission to support founders and investors in navigating the evolving FinTech ecosystem.

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