Fresh From Co-Founders’ Departure, Pipe Scores Block Alum Luke Voiles as New CEO

The alternative financing platform Pipe has seen a great deal of tumult over the last few months. Not long after the company’s $2 billion valuation, its three co-founders left their positions, leaving Pipe lacking the leadership needed for continued growth. While all three co-founders indicated that they would be focusing on more behind-the-scenes work for the company, many investors were left wondering how Pipe would find a way forward with nobody at the helm.

Experienced leadership is no longer a problem for Pipe: as of February 20, the company will have a new Chief Executive Officer: Luke Voiles. The former General Manager of Square Banking is expected to deliver key strategy for Pipe’s growth into revenue trading and further disruption in the digital loans space.

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Describing this change in leadership as occurring in “a transformative period in the evolution of fintech,” Voiles was roundly enthusiastic about Pipe’s prospects. In a press release on his appointment, he explained: “I am excited to partner with the founders and the entire team to run with the founders' vision to build the global platform for revenue to reach even more entrepreneurs and companies that want to expand and grow their businesses and spend less time worrying about how to access capital to do so.”