Game-As-A-Service Developer Thatgamecompany Raises $160M

California-based game developer Thatgamecompany just celebrated the tenth anniversary of the release of its incredibly popular PC game, Journey. And apart from the accolades brought in by the company’s major offerings, which also includes mobile gaming darling Sky, Thatgamecompany and Chief Executive Officer Jenova Chen have another major reason to celebrate: an enormous fundraising round led by TPG and Sequoia that topped out at $160 million.

But an expanded war chest is only one of Thatgamecompany’s recent wins. In addition to this new round of funding, the company has brought in Ed Catmull, Co-founder of Pixar, as an advisor in the areas of creative culture and strategic growth. And Chen has Pixar-sized ambitions for Thatgamecompany to match.

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“I really feel like there isn’t that equivalent of a kind of Disneyland experience or a Pixar movie experience in the game industry even today,” Chen said. With more than 160 million players downloading just one of the company’s mobile games, Chen mused that Thatgamecompany is poised to create an emotionally resonant, family-friendly digital world that can be explored on a scale approaching the reach of a massively popular media company like Pixar.