Intelly Prepares to Launch Blockchain-Based Property Investment Service

Property investment has long been a stumbling block for international investors. Individuals and corporations looking to back real estate packages abroad need to coordinate with an unbearable amount of regulatory delay, necessitating a lengthy and expensive legal process that often negates the financial benefit of the investment in the first place.

If property investment fintech firm Intelly has anything to say about it, we may finally be at the end of this era of regulatory obstructionism. With the launch of their blockchain-backed real estate investment platform planned for July 2022, Intelly intends to help investors navigate entry capital, security, and international transfers with just the click of a button.

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“By combining our years of experience in the global real-estate market with a deep understanding of blockchain technology, we’ve created a platform that will solve many of the problems typically associated with property investment,” said Intelly Founder and Chief Executive Officer Ismet Tasceken.

The secret sauce to Intelly’s new offering is its unique fractionalized NFT infrastructure based on its native INTL token, which launched successfully in January. The fractionalization process will enable massive real estate investments to be broken up into miniscule portions that can be traded as liquid assets on Intelly’s new platform.