JCB Joins Fiserv to Expand Card Acceptance Across Europe

Thanks to a new partnership with fintech great Fiserv, JCB International plans to expand its card acceptance across Europe and beyond. In the near future, merchants in markets including Germany, the U.K., and Poland will be accepting the JCB card for in-person, contactless, and digital payments. The partnership is expected to greatly boost JCB’s footprint in a landscape in which digital-first payment services are an expected part of the modern purchasing experience.

International credit card issuer and financial service provider JCB International is already one of the world’s major players in traditional credit payments. Based in Tokyo, JCB’s payment options are more than 150 million JCB Cardmembers around the world, for retail and enterprise transactions alike.

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“In an interconnected world consumers value the ability to pay wherever and whenever they want, using their preferred payment method,” said Sebastian Gollwitzer, Fiserv’s Head of Merchant Product for the Europe, Middle East, and Africa regions. “Our partnership with JCB will enable businesses to broaden consumer payment options, simplify payments acceptance, and accelerate growth.”