Jiko Is Ready to Revolutionize Fintech

On paper, Oakland-based fintech startup Jiko has started off with a great deal of advantages over its rivals. With a mission to revolutionize how people store and move money and the technological architecture to back it up, Jiko has the ambition to change the fintech game and the tech prowess to match.

As of early October 2022, the company has access to the missing piece of its puzzle: funding. With the successful conclusion of a $40 million Series B round, Jiko is now ready to enable multinationals and startups around the world to store and spend T-bills with ease.

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“It’s rare to come across a fintech team quite as ambitious as Jiko’s,” said Airbus Ventures Partner and new Jiko investor Claas Kohl. “Jiko’s network presents uncompromised safety combined with the efficiency of a modern tech stack and is equipped to soon support multi-currency financial activity.”

The implications of Jiko’s financial network can scarcely be overstated. Using the one-of-a-kind Jiko Money Storage platform, companies of all sizes can spend or exchange T-bills with around-the-clock support. In addition to providing a new degree of financial freedom to a traditionally underserved class of enterprises, Jiko hopes the easy access to liquidity can help the international community combat inflation and market volatility.