Klarna Empowers 150 Million Users With New Sustainability Tools

In a bid to revolutionize the shopping experience and promote sustainability, Klarna, the AI-powered global payments network and shopping assistant, has introduced a range of innovative products and services. With 150 million customers and 27 million app users worldwide, Klarna is poised to make a significant impact on consumer behavior.

Recent findings by NielsonIQ reveal that an impressive 78% of shoppers now prioritize a sustainable lifestyle. Klarna's 2023 Shopping Pulse further emphasizes this shift, indicating that 46% of respondents value sustainable apparel. However, there remains a challenge in connecting consumers with environmentally conscious enterprises, with GreenPrint's Business of Sustainability Index showing that approximately 80% of consumers struggle to find businesses that align with their values.

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To bridge this information gap, Klarna has unveiled a conscious shopping dashboard, providing users with access to a curated selection of sustainability-focused products, features, and services. This dashboard also features a CO2e footprint tracker and "Shop Circular" branding, emphasizing circular services that reduce waste and promote product longevity. Additionally, it offers valuable editorial and instructional content to help consumers better understand sustainability. While currently accessible online in the US, Klarna plans to extend the dashboard's availability via the Klarna App and in other regions in the near future.

Furthermore, Klarna has introduced advanced search and comparison tools, enabling consumers to effortlessly compare prices across thousands of shops. These tools allow users to filter product searches by various criteria, including color, size, features, customer ratings, shop availability, and delivery options. Notably, the platform also highlights products certified by GOTS, PETA, and Cradle to Cradle. Moreover, a filter has been added to spotlight conscious brands with exceptional On You sustainability ratings.

The CO2e tracker has also received a significant upgrade, offering users deeper insights into the carbon footprint associated with their prior purchases. This enhanced analysis encompasses every stage of a product's lifecycle, from raw material extraction to end-user delivery. Leveraging data from Vaayu, Klarna's revised tracker now incorporates an additional one million health, beauty, and technology purchases, providing even more comprehensive information.

With real-time emissions data for over 122 million products across five categories, including fashion, home & garden, jewelry & accessories, health & beauty, and technology, Klarna's CO2e tracker equips consumers with essential sustainability information. Additionally, the tracker offers practical advice on how to extend product lifespans, reduce emissions, and repair worn items by following care labels.

Salah Said, Klarna's head of sustainability, expressed the company's dedication to transforming shopping into a more circular and sustainable experience. Through these new tools and features, Klarna aims to empower individuals to shop in alignment with their values, making informed, sustainable choices in their purchasing decisions.