Mastercard and Previse Partner To Bring Instant Payments to Global Markets

The days of expensive, time-consuming cross-border payments may be numbered. At least, that’s the plan according to B2B payment fintech Previse, now that it has announced its massive new partnership with Mastercard.

Previse has been an industry leader in using machine learning to analyze invoices and enable payments in the blink of an eye with its InstantPay service. By integrating Mastercard’s Cross-Border Services into the InstantPay platform, Previse clients will now be able to securely and quickly send digital payments to vendors in up to 100 international markets.

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The InstantPay–Mastercard integration comes at a time when the world is becoming ever more reliant on fast and secure international digital payments. A recent study from Mastercard showed that more than one out of three small and medium-sized businesses in the country suffer from delayed payments and long processing times. According to CEO and Co-Founder of Previse Paul Christensen, the new partnership represents “an innovative solution from Mastercard and Previse, which strengthens global supply chains and is a true win-win for large corporations and SMBs alike as we recover from the pandemic.”