Mastercard Fintech Express Scores New Business Solutions Partner In B4B

European business-focused electronic payment solutions provider B4B Payments has been a major player in helping corporations manage payments and expenses since it was founded in 2006. Now, with its recently-announced participation in Mastercard’s FinTech Express program, B4B is gearing up to issue Mastercard-branded prepaid and credit lines to partners all over the world.

CEO of B4B Paul Swinton describes the company’s offerings as a “turnkey solution” for businesses to issue payments. The U.K.-based fintech firm has made a name for itself as a disruptive force in the payments world with its various solutions for corporate expenses, gifts, and business payments of all kinds.

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According to Swinton, “As we continue to disrupt business payments by providing quicker, more efficient, and cost-effective cashless pay-outs,” their latest partnership with Mastercard “will help us deliver more choice to organizations looking to scale and succeed via the power of seamless payments.”

For its part, Mastercard’s FinTech Express scheme is a major part of the credit servicer’s efforts to facilitate debit and credit licensing ability for its partners. The partnership is expected to add to the already considerable reach of both MasterCard Europe and B4B, which boasts over 1,000 corporate clients from its offices in the U.K., Lithuania, and Boston.