Mastercard Revolutionizes B2B Payments with Mastercard Receivables Manager

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses are increasingly embracing new innovations to streamline their operations and enhance efficiency. One such innovation is the adoption of virtual card payments in the B2B sector, which offer faster, safer, and cheaper transactions compared to traditional paper-based payment procedures. Recognizing the growing demand for a seamless virtual card payment processing solution, Mastercard has introduced its game-changing product, Mastercard Receivables Manager.

The Mastercard Receivables Manager is an automated tool designed to complement Mastercard's virtual card platform, offering ecosystem players a wide array of payment options and accelerating the digitization of B2B transactions for both buyers and providers. As over 90% of suppliers now prefer digital payments and invoice information over cumbersome checks, the surge in virtual card usage has led to accounts receivable staff struggling to keep up with the processing demands. Mastercard's new solution is set to address these challenges by automating manual processes and transforming accounts receivable teams to bridge the gap between buyers' virtual card preferences and suppliers' acceptance challenges.

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The key to Mastercard Receivables Manager's efficiency lies in its ability to simplify the reconciliation of numerous digital payments. Suppliers will no longer need to manually capture and submit virtual card details, thanks to the tool's consolidation of card payments from all issuers. Remittance data can then be automatically matched to open invoices, formatted, and seamlessly delivered to suppliers' ERP systems, revolutionizing invoice reconciliation and ensuring accuracy. This automation enables suppliers to accelerate payments and gain improved visibility into cash flow, enhancing their financial operations and ultimately bolstering their businesses.

Chad Wallace, Mastercard's global head of Commercial Solutions, expressed his enthusiasm for this significant milestone in the company's journey to deliver more seamless, digital-first user experiences to the B2B payments ecosystem. The introduction of Mastercard Receivables Manager marks a crucial step in transforming B2B payments, making them faster, safer, and more efficient for all stakeholders involved.

To execute this groundbreaking commercial solution, Mastercard has partnered with Billtrust, a B2B order-to-cash software and digital payments pioneer. This collaboration ensures that Mastercard Receivables Manager is not only user-friendly but also swiftly accessible to acquirers, empowering them to enter the market rapidly. Suppliers, on the other hand, can now receive virtual card payments with ease, maximizing acceptance at scale and expanding card spend opportunities for businesses worldwide.

While the product is currently available for customers in the United States, Mastercard has ambitious plans to expand its reach to additional markets later this year. This expansion will bring the benefits of Mastercard Receivables Manager to even more businesses globally, transforming the way B2B payments are processed and setting new standards for efficiency and accuracy.

As the world embraces digital-first practices, Mastercard's commitment to delivering exceptional user experiences propels the B2B payments ecosystem towards a future of unprecedented efficiency and convenience.