Meta Bets Big on Metaverse-Based Fintech

The Web3 era has led to the development of one game-changing technology after another. From blockchain to decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges, the market forever seems to be chasing a newer and more innovative way to do business in the digital world.

Of course, as far as Meta is concerned, all of that tech is leading in one obvious direction: the metaverse. In fact, Meta visualizes all of the Web3 innovations as reaching their ideal form within the metaverse, with consumers achieving unprecedented levels of access and security through their digital avatars.

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“The metaverse has the potential to be much more interoperable and portable than many online experiences available today,” said Meta’s Head of Commerce and FinTech Stephane Kasriel in an article published on Medium. “A democratic ownership economy combined with interoperability can unlock more innovation and value creation, which ultimately will increase the GDP of the metaverse.”

Kasriel painted an enticing picture of a centralized Web3 platform in his op-ed: through the metaverse, users will be able to access all of their digital goods and services in one easy-to-navigate virtual environment. From trading and displaying NFTs to attending virtual concerts, Meta believes that metaverse users can expect a fully interactive, interoperable experience in the very near future.