MoneyGram Recognized for Blockchain Applications in Fintech Breakthrough Awards

Blockchain has long remained at the heart of the ongoing fintech revolution, with companies across all sectors utilizing it to reimagine how the world works. One such company that has truly stood out for its innovative application of blockchain is MoneyGram International, an international remittance fintech that has leveraged the open-source blockchain Stellar to bring an unprecedented degree of safety and convenience to sending money across borders.

As of late March 2023, MoneyGram has earned industry recognition for its groundbreaking work. In the 2023 FinTech Breakthrough Awards, MoneyGram won the title “Best Use of Blockchain in FinTech,” elevating the profile of the company’s achievements in digital wallets and crypto-to-cash services.

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MoneyGram’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Alex Holmes, positioned the win as appropriate recognition for the breakthroughs the company has brought to life. “We're thrilled to be recognized for our progressive innovation by this prestigious awards program for the world's leading fintechs," Holmes said in a press release. "At MoneyGram, we are proud of the work we're doing to pioneer cross-border payment innovation and excited about the new opportunities we're creating to connect the world's communities like never before.”