NFT Startup Immutable Concludes $200M Funding Round, Valued At $2.5B

Immutable has already had a banner year. Fresh from a nearly half-billion-dollar round of funding in 2021, the Australian NFT platform picked up a partnership this February to launch Gamestop’s NFT marketplace.

But as we’ve already seen, when NFTs are concerned, there really is no ceiling. And Immutable seems eager to prove the point, as seen in its latest $200 million funding round led by Mirae Asset, Declaration Partners, and ParaFi Capital. As of its latest valuation, the company has now hit the $2.5 billion value mark, and it’s ready to ride this wave of success to continue snapping up market appetite for crypto and NFTs.

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“We're excited to raise this capital so we can help deploy it aggressively through M&A opportunities,” said Co-Founder and President Robbie Ferguson. To fast-track this aggressive deployment, the company has already brought on board four new top executives from international tech companies.

While retailers and artists alike are eager to stake their claims in the NFT market—worth tens of billions of dollars already and growing every year, by some estimates—Immutable’s claim to fame is its online NFT-powered games “Gods Unchained” and “Guild of Guardians.” The company boasts that it is unique in providing a scalable and carbon-neutral source for NFT trading.