Papaya Announces Mobile Payroll Financial App for Employees

For all the advances brought to life by fintech for business owners and entrepreneurs, employees around the world continue to rely on outdated, awkward payroll processes that prioritize neither security nor convenience. With the proliferation of smartphones leading to more and more of the world’s business taking place entirely online, employees are expecting payroll to keep up.

Reinventing how the world conducts payroll is exactly the mission that multinational SaaS fintech, Papaya Global, has dedicated itself to. And with the launch of its new mobile app for employees of its client companies, Papaya is empowering workers to seize their financial independence by giving them fast and convenient round-the-clock access to their payroll information and services.

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“So many of us use [our] devices to manage our financial information and transactions—and payroll is a large part of that,” said Papaya Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Eynat Guez in a press release. “This new offering reflects our continued commitment to helping our clients give their team members the best tools to make their lives easier and to help them have control over their payroll data.”