PayPal Welcomes Rachel Kobetz as Chief Design Officer

In a significant move to further elevate user experience and design innovation, PayPal has appointed Rachel Kobetz as Senior Vice President and Chief Design Officer (CDO). With a stellar career spanning two decades, she brings a wealth of experience and a visionary approach to her new role.

Prior to joining PayPal, she served as the Global Head of Design at Expedia Group, where she led the Experience Design team. Her responsibilities included shaping the design vision, experience strategy, and operational leadership for a range of products and services tailored for workers, travelers, partners, agents, and developers. Before her tenure at Expedia Group, she held pivotal roles in renowned organizations, including Bank of America, Samsung's Mobile Innovation Lab, and Amazon's Design Group.

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At Bank of America, Rachel spearheaded the Experience Design department, revolutionizing fundamental product and service experiences. Her strategic acumen and keen understanding of consumer behavior played a pivotal role in redefining the financial services landscape. Her previous position as Senior Director of UX at Samsung's Mobile Innovation Lab, where she made significant contributions to mobile technology advancements, came before this.

She further honed her expertise as the Head of Studio, New Product UX, at Amazon's Design Group. Here, she played a key role in shaping the user experience for new product launches, showcasing her ability to seamlessly integrate design with technological innovation.

In her new role at PayPal, she will lead the design and expansion of end-to-end experiences across a diverse portfolio, including PayPal, PayPal Braintree, Happy Returns, Honey, Venmo, Xoom, and Zettle. This encompasses a wide spectrum of users, including consumers, merchants, developers, and workers on a global scale.

John Kim, Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer at PayPal, expressed his enthusiasm about her joining the team, citing her track record of excellence, creativity, and innovation. He emphasized her unique ability to humanize technology, making her the ideal candidate to drive the creation of next-generation, experience-led products and services.

For Rachel, the new role represents a tremendous opportunity to redefine the design landscape within and beyond the industry. She envisions a future where design strategy, craftsmanship, quality, and innovation converge to set new industry standards. Through collaborative efforts with other leaders within the company, she aims to enhance PayPal's offerings and deliver groundbreaking design solutions.

As PayPal charts its course into the next phase, Kobetz's appointment as Chief Design Officer promises to be a catalyst for innovation, setting the stage for a future where user experience takes center stage in the world of digital finance. With her extensive experience and a forward-thinking approach, she is poised to leave an indelible mark on the company's design philosophy and product offerings.