Plum Announces Expansion Into Five New European Markets

U.K.-based fintech startup Plum has seen a great deal of success with its namesake subscription money management app. With its offerings such as automated savings, pension management, and investment services, Plum has raised over £45 million over its lifetime, and has thrived in five major European markets.

For the next major step in its aggressive expansion, Plum is putting that investment capital to use by doubling the number of countries in which it operates. In the near future, Plum’s services will be available to consumers in Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, Greece, and Cyprus in addition to its five current markets.

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“We’re delighted to bring Plum to five new European countries and help people manage their finances there,” said Victor Trokoudes, Plum’s Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, in a statement about the expansion. With the increasing cost of living crisis escalating in much of the world, Trokoudes explained, “the need for long-term financial resilience has arguably never been clearer, and we created Plum precisely to help people tackle this, helping ensure that your money management is automated and wealth looked after for the future.”