PSCU/Co-op Solutions Launches Fintech Collaboration Program for Credit Unions

PSCU/Co-op Solutions has introduced a new Fintech Engagement Program aimed at fostering collaboration between credit unions and FinTech companies, as announced in an April 2, 2024 press release. The initiative seeks to address industry challenges by connecting vetted FinTech firms with credit unions, facilitating the development of innovative solutions. Vladimir Jovanovic, Vice President of Innovation at PSCU/Co-op Solutions, emphasizes the program's goal of unlocking opportunities and navigating challenges by bringing together FinTechs and credit unions to explore possibilities for disruption and improvement in traditional banking methods.

The Fintech Engagement Program endeavors to develop solutions tailored to the needs of credit unions and their members, with a focus on ideation, proofs of concept, and the utilization of cutting-edge technologies. Supported by PSCU/Co-op Solutions’ Emerging Services team, participants in the program are poised to explore the vast potential offered by FinTech collaborations. As credit unions increasingly embrace digital transformation, initiatives like these underscore the industry's proactive approach to modernizing operations and enhancing customer experiences, as revealed by insights from PYMNTS Intelligence and PSCU collaborations.

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