Rakuten Plans to Consolidate Financial Operations for Enhanced Collaboration

Japanese conglomerate Rakuten has revealed that it is considering merging its various financial operations into a single unit, consolidating its bank, insurance, securities, card company, and other fintech businesses. This move, announced on April 1, 2024, is aimed at fostering collaboration across its fintech ventures, with a focus on prompt decision-making, data integration, and AI utilization to deliver innovative financial services and greater value to customers.

The reorganization, slated for October 2024, underscores Rakuten's strategic vision to become a leading fintech company in an era dominated by digital transactions. Consumer preferences, as indicated by research from PYMNTS Intelligence, show a growing inclination towards consolidating banking and financial services into a single platform for convenience. However, while online banking continues to gain prominence, traditional banks recognize the importance of face-to-face interactions for high-value transactions, leveraging these opportunities to cross-sell additional products and services. As Rakuten navigates this transition, the industry watches closely to see how the integration of its financial operations will shape the future landscape of fintech services. 

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