Revolut and Stripe Team Up for New International Market Offerings

It’s hard to imagine two more powerful players in the world of financial technology than Stripe and Revolut. While the former has nearly become synonymous with fast, secure digital payment solutions, Revolut has built a customer base in excess of 18 million and reached a $33 billion valuation following its 2021 fundraise of $800 million.

Now, with the announcement of a new partnership, these two disruptors are poised to break into payment markets across the U.K. and Europe. Using Stripe’s payment infrastructure, Revolut customers will be able to use the Stripe Treasury tool to access banking-as-a-service tools and make payments keyed to their local laws and preferences. The partnership is expected not only to lead to Stripe revenue growth in Revolut territory in Europe, but also in the Americas for both companies.

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According to a spokesperson for Revolut, the new collaboration represents enhanced opportunities for two companies that are well aligned in terms of values and operations. “We share a common vision and are excited to collaborate across multiple areas, from leveraging Stripe’s infrastructure to accelerate our global expansion, to exploring innovative new products for Revolut’s more than 18 million customers,” said the spokesperson.