Revolut Partners with Sui to Boost Blockchain Education and Adoption

Revolut, a leading neobank, has entered a significant collaboration with Sui, a layer 1 blockchain, to drive blockchain education and adoption through its new in-app educational Learn course. This partnership aims to enhance awareness and understanding of blockchain technology among Revolut's extensive user base, particularly across European and Brazilian markets. The Learn programme, a joint effort between Revolut and Sui, will provide Revolut users with valuable insights into blockchain technology, leveraging Sui's underlying technology and ecosystem to deepen their understanding.

The collaboration signifies a pivotal step for Sui in expanding its reach and educating a broader audience about the potential of blockchain technology. By integrating Sui's educational content into the Learn program, Revolut aims to equip its users with knowledge about blockchain advancements and the opportunities within the Sui ecosystem. This initiative aligns with Revolut's commitment to providing users access to cutting-edge financial technology, enhancing adoption rates for blockchain-based services, and fostering a deeper understanding of the evolving crypto landscape.

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