Revolut Stalwart Alan Chang: “I Had a Duty” to Invest in Energy

First principle thinking is an elementary component of how physics students solve complex problems. Rather than comparing one situation to another, one can gain novel insight by taking nothing for granted and approaching a problem on its own terms. It’s the method that propelled luminaries such as Elon Musk to the top of their field, and it’s what Alan Chang brought to the table as Chief Revenue Officer of Revolut.

It's also the idea that has led to Chang’s sharp turn in career. Chang helped change the fintech game by approaching it as an outsider, and now that thinking has brought him to his new trajectory: solving the world’s energy crisis.

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“There is a lack of talent in energy,” Chang said in an interview. “The average age is maybe in the 50s and there's not a lot of young talent. It's a very problematic industry and it has a very big impact on the world.”

To address this issue, Chang and fellow Revolut alum Charles Orr have launched Tesseract, a revolutionary energy startup designed to bypass the major energy concerns and upset the traditional mindset to buying and selling energy.

“My passion is solving problems," Chang continued. "I don't think the fintech sector will miss me; the energy industry can benefit from me a lot more.”