Roxe Announces IPO with Goldenstone SPAC Merger

Between ongoing market turmoil and the looming specter of tightened global regulation, fintech firms are increasingly cagey about previously normal business transactions. Some formerly hot crypto and blockchain startups are putting off planned IPOs until the markets calm down, while established giants like Klarna are shedding staff and paring back aggressive business plans for 2022.

In that context, the relatively normal public launch of successful blockchain payment company Roxe may feel like a refreshing return to business as usual. As part of a merger with blank check company Goldenstone Acquisition, Roxe is now listed on the Nasdaq, and has earned an impressive combined enterprise value of $3.6 billion.

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“We are thrilled to be working with Goldenstone to bring Roxe onto NASDAQ, which we believe will accelerate our growth and that of the groundbreaking payments ecosystem that Roxe makes possible,” said Roxe’s Chief Business Officer, Josh Li, in a press release about the deal. “We believe that through our combined teams and expertise, Roxe will empower users to streamline payments, financial transactions, and value exchange across the globe.”

Roxe has made a name for itself as a multilateral payment blockchain, facilitating the exchange of a variety of assets among banks, individuals, and merchants.