Super Announces New Debt-Fighting Fintech Platform, SuperCash

The fintech known as Snapcommerce has accomplished a great deal in the relatively short time since its founding in 2016. Arising at the height of the fintech boom, the company raised more than $100 million in venture capital in pursuit of its mission to help users beat their debt and built better credit. The fruits of those efforts have been considerable, with the company boasting over $1 billion in sales.

Now, the company is prepared for a new era in its history: rebranding as Super, its savings ecosystem comprises similarly renamed offerings such as SuperTravel and SuperShop. More importantly, that ecosystem now includes a Mastercard-backed cashback card known as SuperCash, a product aimed at helping users build their credit and avoid the barriers and pitfalls of traditional credit offerings.

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“The launch of SuperCash doesn't just create incremental improvements, but rather stepwise changes that can enable the tens of millions of underserved Americans to improve their credit score and their life,” said Super’s Chief Executive Officer, Hussein Fazal, in an announcement about the launch. “It's about time we level the playing field for all Americans who need access to credit simply to participate in everyday life.”