SuperVisas Joins Forces with Rippling to Simplify Global Workforce Visa Processes

In a significant announcement on November 30, 2023, SuperVisas revealed its integration into the Rippling App Shop, allowing Rippling users to effortlessly address their travel, work, and immigration visa needs. The company, an innovative AI-powered visa preparation platform, has positioned itself as a game-changer with a mission to democratise expert immigration assistance, making it accessible to individuals and businesses alike.

The core technology behind SuperVisas offers a cost-effective and efficient solution, challenging the conventional approach taken by traditional legal firms in delivering immigration services. By leveraging artificial intelligence, it aims to streamline and revolutionise the entire spectrum of visa-related processes, providing users with unprecedented ease and affordability.

Rippling, based in San Francisco, CA, is a comprehensive platform that empowers businesses to consolidate HR, IT, and Finance functions in one unified system. With $1.2 billion in funding from top investors like Kleiner Perkins, Founders Fund, Sequoia, Greenoaks, and Bedrock, it has become a leading force in reshaping how companies manage their workforce operations globally.

Brad Armstrong, SVP of Global Partnerships at Rippling, emphasised the platform's all-encompassing capabilities, stating, "Rippling is the one and only place to run your entire global workforce including HR, IT, finance, and now, work and immigration visas with SuperVisas." He added, "Our platform continues to deliver value by giving HR professionals the tools needed to support international employees."

SuperVisas CEO, Alec Main, highlighted the challenges companies face with complex and expensive visa requirements. He underlined how the AI-powered platform simplifies the process for administrators and employees, offering timely information and expert advice at a fraction of the time and cost associated with traditional full-service law firms.

The collaboration has garnered praise from Golriz Fattahi, COO, at Alacrity Canada, a company embracing technology adoption. Fattahi expressed enthusiasm about this partnership, recognizing the impact on Alacrity's operations and emphasising the positive implications for fast-paced businesses.

Key benefits of this partnership include seamless integration of visa services into Rippling's global workforce management platform, support for employees visiting, working, or immigrating to the USA or Canada, AI-driven visa application processing for accuracy and reduced costs, and access to immigration resources and consultants, along with free eligibility confirmation for employers of all sizes.

As the company takes a bold step into the Rippling ecosystem, the collaboration promises to simplify and enhance the visa processing experience for businesses and individuals alike, marking a notable stride in the convergence of technology and immigration services.