Swift Go International Payment Service Expands To U.S. Market

International payment service Swift Go has been providing safe, transparent financial transfers across borders at lightning speeds, working with financial institutions including BBVA, Société Générale, and DNB. Now, according to its most recent partners JP Morgan and UniCredit, Swift Go is coming to the U.S. for the first time.

Swift Go boasts considerable benefits for clients and institutions that are expected to be a real feather in their new partners’ caps, especially in an ever-expanding field of payment alternatives. The service is built around transparent, secure international transfers from U.S. institutions to international banks (for the moment, limited to other Swift Go clients in Europe). On top of that, beneficiaries of payments are expected to receive their funds for free and be credited the day of the transfer, a considerable improvement over standard international transfer protocol.

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For its part, JP Morgan is optimistic about the advantages Swift Go can bring to its U.S. clients. “Through PayDirect and SWIFT Go, UniCredit will be delivering payments into the U.S. via U.S. low-value clearing network (ACH),” said JP Morgan managing director Gayathri Vasudev, adding that the services will soon be “providing a great end-to-end experience and transparency of fee, while delivering full value of payments.”