The Benefits of Blockchain Persist Through Rocky Financial Times

The foundation of the new era in fintech is blockchain, a technology that has made fortunes overnight and drawn unceasing condemnation from more traditionally-minded financial institutions. When the summer of 2022 threatened to bring down the new upstart financial generation, many rushed to call for a complete rejection of blockchain and the Web3 era.

But not everyone is in such a rush to throw out all the benefits of this new technology. In fact, according to Rudy Shoushany, the Founder and Host of DxTalks, the advantages of blockchain are still a game-changer for the world of finance. In a recent article for Forbes, Shoushany made a compelling case for the necessity of blockchain, citing the improved security, scalability, and accessibility of the technology that is unmatched by other financial tools.

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“The rise of blockchain technology is bringing about a revolution that will help eliminate some of the limitations of traditional banking,” Shoushany wrote. “This change will give everyone access to financial services, which means that underprivileged, facing economic problems, and non-financially included countries can be financially included now.”