Thredd Expands into US Debit and Prepaid Card Market in Collaboration with B4B Payments

Thredd, a leading payments processor catering to a global clientele, has announced its official entry into the United States market for issuing debit and prepaid cards, in partnership with B4B Payments. This strategic move aligns with Thredd's commitment to facilitating its clients' expansion into key international markets, particularly aiding EU and UK-based businesses with their stateside expansion strategies. The collaboration underscores Thredd's role in providing Durbin-compliant debit and prepaid processing services, ensuring compliance with stringent US regulations governing card processing.

Through its partnership with B4B Payments, a Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) provider, Thredd aims to offer comprehensive support to businesses venturing into the American market. This expansion enables Thredd to process dual-branded Visa and STAR Network cards, providing a seamless transition for clients seeking to enter the US market. Jim McCarthy, Thredd's CEO, expressed enthusiasm for the expansion, emphasizing its significance in supporting client objectives and paving the way for Thredd's growth in the major US payments market. Kieran Draper, CEO of B4B Payments USA, highlighted the strategic importance of the partnership, providing global clients with a unified platform and processor across Europe, the U.K., and the U.S., ensuring rapid onboarding and confident scalability.

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