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Asset-Map is a Software-as-a-Process experience for financial professionals who provide in-person and remote advice in the wealth management, investment, and insurance markets. Typically included as part of the financial planning engagement process, Asset-Map centers around the digital visualization of household facts to build highly customized, design-thinking presentations in minutes that help advisors and their customers make better financial decisions. Asset-Map is used by thousands of professionals worldwide, having mapped more than 1 million people and $1.4 trillion in financial instruments.


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Key Products

Asset-Map Report

An Asset-Map Report is a visual experience that displays all of a household’s members, entities, financial assets, liabilities, cash-flows, and insurance policies. This provides an advisor with a straight-forward way to quickly address gaps in a financial plan as well as uncover new opportunities to elevate their clients’ condition.


A Target-Map helps financial advisors and their clients identify funding gaps toward financial goals in mere moments and then track their progress (and required actions). Common templates include Retirement, Education, Loss of Life, Disability and Long-term Care.

Household Index

In order to help financial advisors and firms have a deeper understanding of their entire book of business, the Household Index allows for filtering and sorting of all households currently within your Asset-Map team. This dynamic reporting of financial parameters helps to better understand client segments and drive opportunities for targeted conversations.


Facilitate more productive discussions by overlaying a ‘demographic’ or ‘time-of-life’ Stencil to a household’s Asset-Map report. The Stencil adds suggestions for typical financial instruments that a household’s peers may have to make it easier for financial advisors to elevate their condition.

Discovery Interview

Their direct-to-consumer Discovery Interview helps streamline the collection of high-level household data and their concerns to pre-build their Asset-Map Report. By involving clients early in the fact-finding process, financial advisors can be better prepared to set clear goals and expectations from the first time they interact.

Customer Insights

“Asset-Map helps me have natural conversations with my clients that clearly communicate my experience and expertise to their financial situation.”— Nicholas Rose, CFP®


“When I first started with Asset-Map, I used it as a data-gathering tool. As I become more proficient, I started building maps on the fly with clients. Now, I can save time and steps during meetings when explaining a client’s financial plan.” — Eric Hemingway, AIF®


“I believe every advisor should be using Asset-Map and that every client shoul have it. THere’s no reason not to”— Joe Bauers


“The best way to measure the value of technology is to understand what your film would be like without it. Asset-Map is like coffee for me and my ckents. It’s on essential part of everyday.” — Molly Ward, CFP®


“I have never met an existing client or an interested prospect who is not impressed with Asset-Map.” — Henry Swan, ChFC, CLU


“There is no replacement for Asset-Map in my business:that’s how strongly I feel about the impact it’s had on my productivity” — Jack Choi