San Francisco, California

Overall Rank: 81
Category: Payments
Category Rank: 28


  • Top Fintech Company of 2023
  • Top Fintech Company of 2022


From startups to publicly traded companies, Finix offers everything software platforms need to build a world-class payments experience. Leading SaaS, marketplace, and e-commerce platforms (i.e. providers serving restaurants, yoga studios, small retailers, etc.) use Finix’s API and dashboard to accept payments quickly, eliminate manual workflows, delight customers, and grow revenue fast.

Moving money is a fundamental human activity and critical to the health of our global economy. However, innovation from established financial services providers has failed to keep pace with the needs of SaaS platforms and their users. Since its founding in 2015, Finix has been rewriting the financial services industry one API at a time to lower barriers to entry, drive competition, and make the financial system more equitable and accessible for people around the world.


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Customer Insights

“Schools have been left to navigate an increasingly technologically- demanding world while using systems that are several decades old. We’ve also seen families become frustrated with the lack of transparency, complexity of tools, and abandonment of cash as a means to pay for their children’s expenses.” — Founder, Pay Theory


“When I first joined Passport, they had just launched a strategic initiative to assess their opportunities in integrated merchant processing, with the goal to improve the overall value proposition of our payments product to our clients and their customers, resulting in improved revenue and retention by delivering a superior client experience.” — Kate Bothe, Passport