Freedom Financial Network
Personal Finance
San Mateo, California

Overall Rank: 31
Category: Personal Finance
Category Rank: 2


  • Top Fintech Company of 2023
  • Top Fintech Company of 2022


Freedom Financial Network is a leading digital personal finance company. Their solutions help everyday people get on, and stay on, the path to a brighter financial future, with innovative technology and personalized support.

By leveraging proprietary data and analytics, their solutions are tailored for each step of a consumer’s financial journey and include personal loans (FreedomPlus), home equity loans (Lendage), help with debt (Freedom Debt Relief), and even financial tools and education ( Freedom Financial Network has more than 2,300 dedicated employees across California, Arizona, and Texas.


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Key Products

Financial assessment

Helping consumers understand and improve their financial situation.

Tools & education

As they help people overcome debt, we also help them gain the skills they need to manage their money better moving forward.

Personal loans

Helping consumers to overcome debt and reach their goals through a highly customized loan experience.

Credit counseling

Helping people overcome their debt and manage their money better with financial education and professional counseling.


Providing access to a legal solution for consumers with overwhelming amounts of debt that they have little, if any, ability to repay.

Customer Insights

“I was in credit card debt and Consolidation Plus saved me. Helped me pay my cards off and now helping restore my credit.” — Melinda


“Two years ago I was really struggling to pay my bills. I would go forward one step then backwards three. Freedom Debt Relief has been walking beside me and helping me do what I definitely could not do alone. I am headed to becoming debt free and I am not stopping until I am there!!” — Linda W.


“I have utilized FreedomPlus on two recent occasions & both experiences exceeded my expectations on a professional level, being forthright regarding the verbiage & comprehension of the loans, excellent communication!!! I highly recommend FreedomPlus & greatly appreciate all of your help & cheers to your wonderful representatives!!” — Mona M


“Freedom Debt Relief has been excellent from start to finish. The customer service is great and they really work with you to help you understand the process.” — Bri


“As a client of Freedom Debt Relief, I was given the opportunity to work with Consolidation Plus. I am very thankful and appreciative for this option as I will be able to work on building my credit again and breathe easy in my financial life” — William B.


“The representative was very helpful and worked to get the best deal for our loan. He explained each option thoroughly and guided me through each step.” — Ann


“I love Freedom Debt Relief! They are on top of things with negotiating and settling my debts with the creditors. They communicate very well and made me feel comfortable with choosing this company to help me get out of debt.” — Cat I.


“Excellent program! Very timely and did exactly what they said they would do. I’m very pleased, happy I went with Freedom Plus. Outstanding customer service.” — Brian C.

“Every interaction I had with Freedom Debt Relief was positive and genuine. They treated me with respect and were caring and compassionate toward me.” — Jill M.