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College is riskier than it looks. There are many obstacles students may face on the road to graduation that can cost them hundreds if not thousands of dollars: a serious illness or injury, a stolen laptop, or a residence hall flood can all cause financial losses for students and their families. That’s where GradGuard can help. Its pioneering tuition and renters insurance programs enable students to protect their investment in higher education. When the unexpected happens, GradGuard can provide a reimbursement and help students get back on track.

GradGuard is the #1 provider of college renters and tuition insurance. Since 2009, GradGuard has protected more than 1.5 million students at more than 1,800 unique institutions. GradGuard’s innovative protections are embedded within the enrollment processes of the largest and most prestigious universities in the United States, ensuring their students are protected from the risks of college life.

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Key Products

Tuition insurance

Most colleges and universities do not provide 100% refunds, but GradGuard Tuition Insurance can protect one’s investment. Their Tuition Insurance provides reimbursement when a student can’t complete an academic term due to an unforeseen, covered accident, injury, or other covered reason.

Renters insurance

Colleges, universities, and off-campus property management companies don’t typically replace stolen bicycles or backpacks, but GradGuard College Renters Insurance can. Its coverage is specifically tailored for college life, offering exclusive features for students and families that aren’t available through other insurance providers.