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Category: Payments
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Immediate helps businesses recruit, retain, and engage employees in a rapidly changing job market by providing on-demand pay solutions. Employees need cash flow in between historical two-week pay cycles. Often, their only options are high-interest credit cards and predatory loans. Immediate offers a financial alternative.

For a $3 fee, Immediate unlocks up to 50% of an employee’s earned wages just after the day is finished. Immediate eases employee stress while improving their financial wellness and increasing their company loyalty.

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ImmediatePay was created for the unexpected expenses of life. With our app, you can access the pay you have earned without having to wait for a payday. This gives you the freedom you need when unexpected expenses arise.

Customer Insights

“I thought Immediate would increase the workload for my payroll team but it has not. We have clients whose employees use this regularly. Employers are not usually aware of situations that their employees may be in with regard to their financial needs.” — Colleen, Director of Payroll


“Immediate is one of the easier implementations I’ve done in my 30-year career.” — Lisa, HR Director


“Since the Visa Direct partnership with Immediate, we’ve received a lot of positive feedback from our employees. Over time, we expect that over 60% of our team will link a qualified debit card in the ImmediatePay app and make use of the integration.” — Anna, Director of Payroll