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Mambu was established in 2011 with the aim to bring banking technology into the digital-first world, to make it accessible, flexible and ready for any market opportunity. Mambu fast-tracks the design and build of nearly any type of financial product for banks, lenders, fintechs, retailers, telcos and more. Mambu has its headquarters in Amsterdam, and works with more than 160 institutions in 60 countries, servicing a portfolio of more than $11B. By the end of December 2021, Mambu had 681 employees. Mambu provides a SaaS platform to financial services providers that allows customers to create, offer and administer financial products, with subsidiaries across the world.


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Key Products


Mambu is a SaaS, cloud-native, API-driven banking and financial services platform. It is designed to power financial innovation, to bring solutions to market faster, drive down cost barriers and allow ecosystems to expand.

Key Executives

Eugene Danilkis, CEO & Co-Founder

With a background in technology and design, and degrees in Human-Computer Interaction and Computer Science, Eugene is the driving force behind the Mambu vision. He leads an international team that is helping to shape the next generation of financial services powered by Mambu.

Bronwyn Boyle, Chief Information Security Officer

With over 20 years of experience working in technology and security in financial services and supporting a range of organizations, Bronwyn is leading the development of Mambu’s security organization and practices in preparation for their next wave of growth.

Charlie Johnston, Chief People Officer

Charlie leads their People function. With 20+ years of global HR experience, his mission is to create ‘the’ place to work in fintech. He is responsible for attracting the best, brightest and most diverse talent out there and expanding their potential.

Werner Knoblich, Chief Revenue Officer

Werner is a seasoned enterprise software leader with an impressive growth track record and over 30 years experience in sales, services and marketing leadership at companies including Red Hat. As CRO he leads the global Commercial team and is responsible for all revenue-generating activities.

Fernando Zandona, Chief Technology Officer

Fernando is a technology and engineering leader with over 20 years of experience in organizations such as Amazon and Microsoft. He leverages deep technical insight gathered in hyper-growth environments to drive Mambu’s global engineering teams to deliver optimal results for customers.

Gerhard du Plessis, Chief Legal Officer & Company Secretary

Gerhard leads their Legal & Risk function and also supports the board as company secretary. He has over 20 years of experience and was GC and company secretary of several listed multinationals. He believes the legal and risk function should be innovative, commercial and a key enabler of sustainable growth.

Tripp Faix, Chief Financial Officer

Tripp is a finance leader with more than 20 years of experience across various organizations, including Marqeta and Intuit. As CFO Tripp will help us continue to deliver sustainable, solid growth across all our key markets.

Corporate Responsibility


Mambu recognises that climate change is the number one present-day challenge that is already disproportionately affecting people around the world. They see this through the changing environment around, the stories of their employees and their families, and the type of banking solutions their clients are trying to support their customers with. They do their part by reducing the footprint of their operations and their cloud-banking platform, ensuring that they align with the physical limits of the planet and support their customers with their climate ambitions.

To date, Mambu have used the following measures to reduce their environmental impact.

  • A hybrid working policy

  • Renewable energy supply for offices, where possible

  • Recycled content and local sourcing when procuring office supplies and merchandise

  • Minimum plastic at events

  • Paperless office

  • Circular materials management

  • Digital and hybrid events

  • Sustainable mobility options

  • Offsetting unavoidable emissions

  • Mandatory sustainability course for all employees, including executive leadership

  • Internal knowledge center on sustainability

  • Travel policy with fiscal incentives for train connections within European offices

  • virtual event in studio

Aligning to 1,5 C’

Mambu measures their GHG emissions from 2019 using the GHG Protocol. In 2020, Mambu has expanded their Scope 3 inventory to procurement and cloud services. Their first priority is to abate GHG emissions in line with science-based targets for the ICT sector, as set out by the Science Based Targets Initiative. Where they cannot abate emissions, Mambu seeks to neutralize them through offsetting. At present, Mambu is developing a climate mitigation plan for submission to the Science Based Targets Initiative, following their letter of commitment to SBTI to align to net-zero. Mambu wishes to adopt an ‘insetting’ approach where they finance initiatives that scale up carbon markets, support climate change adaptation programs, or lead to systemic change.

Achieving carbon neutrality in 2019

In 2020, Mambu calculated the carbon emissions they have generated in 2019 to understand their largest sources of emissions and mitigate their impact.

Circular materials management

Since 2018, Mambu has organized auctions of internal hardware and donated proceeds to organizations focused on IT literacy and education, environmental protection, and health. In this way, they extend the use of hardware and divert it from being sent to waste.

Innovating how they host events

In February 2021, Mambu piloted their first hybrid annual sales kick-off event ‘We Own This’. The event was held physically at the Desmet Studio in Amsterdam, which the Amsterdam team attended in-person while the rest of the speakers and Mambuvians dialed-in digitally. In this way, they brought together 500+ of their staff with minimal carbon footprint.

Impact Finance

The financial sector has a critical role to play in aligning capital flows with sustainable development and Mambu is uniquely positioned in the financial ecosystem to support this alignment. They started as a solution for microfinance organizations to offer their services digitally in areas where traditional banking wasn’t available or accessible. Since then they have expanded our reach and provided their cloud-banking platform to clients who support their customers on a range of impact-focused banking solutions.

People and Communities

They support Mambuvians to achieve their very best within and outside of the formal work environment, and empower their communities to become more resilient to the rapidly changing world around them. Mambu encourages everyone at the company to have a growth mindset, to personally drive sustainability, to focus on health and well-being, to be compassionate and kind as leaders and to be continually thinking about how they can create a more inclusive future for all.

4 Day Work Week

Since 2015, Mambu has run a four-day work schedule in the Summer – every employee can take a paid day off every week from June to August. With this initiative, they have hoped to create more space for our employees to rest, spend time with family and community, and dedicate time to less resource-consuming activities. Mambuvians have taken a great advantage of this initiative to enjoy nature, spend time with their loved ones, and explore their talents and hobbies.

A culture where everyone belongs

At Mambu, they are committed to create a culture where everyone belongs. They believe in full-spectrum diversity, inclusive of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability, nationality, religion, background, and culture. It’s this rich mix of diverse strengths, experiences, and perspectives that makes for better teams and business results.

Mambu’s diversity numbers.

Mambu seeks to have diverse teams where every Mambuvian feels welcome, recognised, treated fairly and with kindness, and collaborate as one Mambu. So far in 2022, they’ve held a number of events promoting their values on diversity and inclusion, including discussions with their CEO and other executive leaders, sponsored by their Women Mambu network, and an event to mark Pride month in June.

Cultural Ambassadors

Since 2019, they’ve grown threefold and keep counting. The pandemic created a working environment where new joiners had to integrate into the organization digitally and colleagues who worked in agile, high-collaboration and co-creation teams had to adapt to radically different working circumstances.

In 2020, Mambu created their Cultural Ambassadors program in which a group of Mambuvians is elected to lead initiatives to promote social cohesion, offer feedback in local and global projects and support new joiners navigating the nuances of their Culture. They’ve been instrumental in supporting the adjust processes, bringing onboard dozens of Mambuvians remotely and ensuring that the feeling of belonging to a global team remains strong.

Trust and integrity

Mambu’s customers operate in highly regulated environments and they ensure that their cloud banking platform lives up to the highest banking security standards and is compliant with industry requirements.

Customer Insights

“Mambu’s ease of integration, flexibility and time to market has helped us give our customers an unrivaled, technology-driven mobile banking experience.” – N26


“We are very excited to collaborate with Mambu on this project because it aligns with our strategic vision of improving our customer experience and offering our products and services to more Chileans.” – BancoEstado


“Running on Mambu not only enables us to focus on scaling and innovation, but it also is a great cultural fit.” – New10


“We have a very pragmatic approach to lending and savings and saw a great match of culture and ethos in Mambu.” – Recognise

Company Insights

“Everything we do today has an impact on tomorrow. Deciding where we want to work, how we want to live and how we consume has a compounding effect on our joint future: for better or for worse. As Mambuvians, we are proud to be part of the solution which is why we work continually at shaping our mindset and practices around sustainability.” – Eugene Danilkis, CEO & Co-Founder, Mambu


“Covid-19 has activated a new kind of awareness and innovation in us all. Not only were we able to safely bring 500 Mambuvians from around the world, but also minimize our environmental footprint while doing so. Hybrid events like this mean less travel and less waste which means more for the environment.” – Mambu


“I am proud and honored to be a Cultural Ambassador and represent our distributed team and culture across the corners of Mambu. I love helping new joiners learn and feel our unique culture and support them along their Mambu journey.” – Andy Werner, Head of Partnerships, LATAM