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SoftClub is one of the leading vendors of integrated solutions for fintechs, eCommerce, banks, public bodies, and stock exchanges in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The company is an expert in digital transformation and legacy systems modernization, helping its clients to respond to changing customer demands. More than 1,500 corporate clients in 24 countries use SoftClub’s software.

SoftClub has developed more than 50 proprietary software products, including ICO and сrypto platforms, online and mobile banking, trading and treasury management solutions, CRM systems, сore banking software, EDI Platform, KYC & AML Compliance Software, and many other applications. The company’s operations span across EECA, EU countries, and the U.S.

With 28 years of experience, SoftClub has one of the most qualified software engineering teams, with more than 1,000 employees, a strong management team, and deep cross-sectoral knowledge. Additionally, SoftClub has substantial expertise in Creatio, supported by around 190 of the company’s engineers. Creatio is the low-code platform for process management and CRM, and it has been ranked one of the market leading products in sales automation by Gartner Magic Quadrant for three years in a row.


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Key Products


Comprehensive integration solution to ensure internal control procedures at all stages of AML client management.

SC-EDI Platform

A platform of guaranteed and secure transmission of data and documents of any type.

SC-Investment Platform

A fully functional software solution that allows to launch your own investment platform in less than a month.


Check your clients against all necessary special control lists from a single interface.


Integrated system of remote banking for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

SC-Cryptocurrency Exchange

Software solution for quickly launching your own cryptocurrency exchange.


An automate transaction monitoring and comply with AML and FATF requirements.


The SC-CHECK software package is designed to minimize the threat of legal, financial and reputational risks by providing information about individuals and legal entities performing financial and other operations as a result of reconciling these individuals with a database of individuals and legal entities based on sanctions lists (hereinafter referred to as screening).


Accelerate processes and increase bank profits by implementing all-in-one solution for online financial instruments trading and treasury management.


SC-RETAIL combines the complex business processes of the retail banking business into a single integrated system. The system provides the ability to comprehensively automate the design and maintenance of retail products to attract monetary funds.


A single platform for centralized management of information about customers and storage of history of interaction with them, which has flexible tools for automation of many business processes.

Front office solutions

Products for remote banking services of the corporate sector have a single, close integration. Read more about the RBS company SoftClub for legal entities-in the video below.


A procurement management system that automates and systematizes all procurement processes of a company of any size.