TruckCoinSwap Seeks to Fight Inflation and Bolster Supply Chains Through Fintech

Across industries and markets worldwide, inflation and supply chain problems continue to contribute to a flagging global economy. Logistics experts have identified the transportation sector as a crucial weak point in international supply chains, with some carriers waiting up to 180 days to get paid for work they’ve completed, creating bottlenecks that raise prices and slow service for consumers.

As with so much else in the digital revolution, the answer to this problem may lie in cutting-edge fintech. That’s what freight-tech company TruckCoinSwap is betting on with its mobile platform: through its blockchain-powered decentralized exchange and proprietary TCS tokens, carriers are now able to access payments for services rendered in as little as a few days.

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According to the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Todd Ziegler, truckers and other transportation providers are already thrilled at the transformative potential of TruckCoinSwap’s platform. “TCS already has truckers involved in the beta,” Ziegler said in an interview, “and we were just approached by […] one of the largest companies in the U.S. managing freight documents, with over 500,000 transportation users. It speaks volumes that these companies are already interested in integrating with TCS.”