Trust Payments Head, Alison Conway, Predicts a Stronger Fintech Landscape

Between the crypto downturn of 2022 and the high-profile collapse of crypto issuers and exchanges, the fintech landscape has remained haunted by fear of another crash. In stark contrast to the boom that lasted most of the last decade, some in the industry have urged caution moving forward, particularly with increased attention from regulatory bodies.
But for Alison Conway, Group Head of Corporate Development and Strategy at Trust Payments, the way forward is more innovation and risk, not less. In a recent interview, Conway discussed her hard-earned perspective that last year’s downturn has ultimately been good for the industry as a whole, which continues to see results for helping the world reinvent payments and financial services.

“I'd say the past nine months have been pretty rocky in general but I don't think that's going to change overnight, frankly. But I also don't think it changes the underlying demand for the services and the innovation that drive the industry,” Conway said in the interview. “A number of really strong companies historically have come out of turbulent times… the 2008 financial crisis being one example. These cycles repeat each other and, from what I've seen, they tend to get shorter and shorter.”

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