Unicorn Fintech DriveWealth Taps Crypto Exec Terry Angelos As New CEO

Equity investment fintech firm DriveWealth has built up quite a head of steam. With more than a hundred global banks and major investors now making use of the company’s APIs and other offerings, DriveWealth has seen its revenue and customer base double over the last year, with its workforce increasing by 150%.

Now, on top of its already impressive growth, the company has a new asset in the form of Terry Angelos as its new Chief Executive Officer. Angelos, late the global head of fintech and crypto at Visa, is regarded as one of the top leaders in the crypto world, and his new position with DriveWealth is widely seen as the beginning of an determined new step into cryptocurrency on the part of the company.

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“I look forward to joining this team to create meaningful change in the financial lives of millions of people worldwide,” said Angelos in a statement.

The executive was ambitious in his depiction of the company’s new phase of growth, referencing the estimated billion people worldwide who make use of digital wallets and neobanks. DriveWealth has also appointed a series of leaders from Google and PayPal, and has recently stepped up its international offerings in traditionally underserved markets in Africa and Europe.