Upstart Unveils Custom Loan Tool for Personalized Lending Offers

Upstart, a lending marketplace, has launched Recognized Customer Personalization (RCP), a tool designed to empower banks and credit unions (CUs) to deliver tailored loan offers to customers actively seeking credit. RCP enables instant identification of customers and their credit status, facilitating immediate, automated responses with personalized loan offers. With the option to utilize Upstart's AI-enabled credit decisions or their own underwriting model, financial institutions can enhance customer value and loyalty by offering bespoke credit solutions.

Michael Lock, Senior Vice President of Lending Partnerships at Upstart, emphasizes RCP's role in helping lenders retain customers and maximize lifetime value by providing enhanced value and building loyalty. This sentiment is echoed by Charles Eads, Chief Lending Officer at Abound Credit Union, who highlights RCP's potential to better serve existing members and meet their financial needs effectively. The adoption of personalized lending tools like RCP reflects a broader trend in the financial services industry towards leveraging AI and data-driven approaches to deliver hyper-personalized experiences and drive innovation in lending practices.

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