Valley Bank Announces Fintech Innovation “Sandbox” with NayaOne

In the rapidly-changing world of fintech, sometimes the edge that separates legendary brands from flash-in-the-pan startups is a space to experiment and make mistakes. Valley National Bank is setting out to offer fintech companies exactly that: a revolutionary fintech innovation platform referred to as a digital sandbox, all powered by the technology of British technology company NayaOne.

The new platform has been designed to integrate seamlessly with the tools already used by Valley Bank’s fintech clients. The platform will allow the next generation of tech visionaries to simulate a vast variety of technological and contextual change to better devise solutions that can be adapted to real-world scenarios.

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Valley Bank’s Chief Innovation Officer Stuart Cook positioned the new platform as a game-changer for customer experience in the age of fintech. “This platform shows how regional and community banks can access and leverage fintech products and services to meet and even exceed customer expectations through partnerships,” said Cook in a press release on the new platform. “With this launch, we are deploying a more efficient design-and-test process, which will ultimately help us reduce the time-to-market to deliver new solutions.”