Vesey Ventures Announces $78M Fund for Startup Acceleration

It’s long been held as a truism in the fintech world that if early-stage startups are going to survive and thrive in such a cutthroat industry, three key ingredients are needed: capital, experienced leadership, and a rich network of potential partners. Naturally, these resources are in short supply for a company just starting out. However, U.S./Israeli venture fund Vesey Ventures is looking to bring exactly those qualities to deserving startups.

The venture fund’s Founding Partners—Dana Eli-Lorch, Lindsay Fitzgerald, and Julia Huang, all formerly of AMEX Ventures—are veterans of the industry, having led investments in standout companies including Stripe and Plaid. And with its recently announced debut fund of $78 million for rapid acceleration and discovery of partnerships, Vesey Ventures is looking to empower startups to break through the barriers that keep them from becoming the next fintech superstar.

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“Financial incumbents still own the crucial pieces startups need to succeed,” said Vesey Ventures’ three Founding Partners in a press release. "We created Vesey Ventures to give our portfolio companies a competitive edge early on by bridging the gap between the companies in need of new technologies and those building them. Partnerships can be a game-changing part of a fintech company's growth story and we have an unparalleled track record of delivering these for our founders.”