Visa and CB International Bank Revolutionize B2B Payments

In a landmark partnership, Visa Inc. and CB International Bank (CBiBank) have announced a game-changing global B2B payments solution that is set to redefine the way enterprises conduct cross-border transactions. This collaboration introduces a new era of faster, more cost-effective, and more secure B2B payment services through the Visa B2B Connect platform.

Visa B2B Connect represents the fusion of traditional financial institution strength with the agility of innovative fintech solutions. It offers businesses seamless authentication and management of cross-border B2B payments, leveraging Visa's extensive global network and state-of-the-art security technology. This platform delivers real-time visibility, swift payment processing, and robust monitoring, thereby setting higher standards for efficiency, transparency, and security in the world of international commerce.

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Scott Wu, Executive Director of CBiBank, expressed his excitement about this significant milestone, stating, "We are excited to join Visa B2B Connect, which solves traditional inter-bank cross-border payment issues. Transforming cross-border transactions allows us to provide faster and simpler payment solutions to fulfill client requests. Our partnership with Visa B2B Connect enhances consumer convenience and promotes digital financial inclusion."

Luis Guerra, Visa Puerto Rico Country Manager, emphasized the transformative impact of this collaboration on cross-border commercial transactions, saying, "Visa B2B Connect and CB International Bank jointly create unprecedented prospects for international payments and worldwide e-commerce, changing cross-border commercial transactions. The unique worldwide payment network Visa B2B Connect processes corporate payments in Puerto Rico faster, safer, and more efficiently."

Edward Dominguez, Sr. Director and Latin American Visa B2B Connect Head, highlighted the regional significance of CB International Bank's membership, stating, "CB International Bank's membership in Visa B2B Connect opens up new prospects for Puerto Rican cross-border payment enterprises and expands the network's regional and worldwide reach. CB International Bank is the first Puerto Rican bank to join the network and joins several Caribbean banks that transmit and receive cross-border commercial payments."

This groundbreaking partnership between Visa and CB International Bank promises profound benefits for businesses worldwide. It is dedicated to ensuring client satisfaction and aims to reshape the future of cross-border B2B payments by offering finality, predictability, and transparency.

Visa B2B Connect is poised to streamline and simplify the often complex landscape of international transactions, enabling businesses to operate more efficiently and securely on a global scale. With its real-time capabilities and robust security features, this platform represents a significant step forward in the world of B2B payments, underscoring Visa's commitment to innovation and excellence in financial services.

As Visa and CB International Bank embark on this journey together, they open doors to new possibilities for enterprises, setting the stage for a future where cross-border B2B payments are faster, safer, and more accessible than ever before.