Weave and Affirm Partner to Revolutionize Healthcare Payments

In a groundbreaking move, a leading all-in-one experience platform for small and medium-sized healthcare organizations, Weave, has announced a strategic partnership with Affirm, a prominent player in the payment network industry (NASDAQ: AFRM). This collaboration aims to provide thousands of Weave customers with flexible payment alternatives, ultimately enabling qualified patients to access and afford essential care.

The importance of a seamless payment process in the patient's journey cannot be overstated. This partnership is poised to enhance patient satisfaction, trust, and retention rates by streamlining the payment experience.

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Weave customers will now have the ability to offer 0% APR pay-over-time financing through Affirm, directly integrated into the Weave payments system. Patients can effortlessly apply to pay with Affirm in a matter of seconds, allowing them to spread out their payments over time. This innovation significantly reduces upfront costs, providing a game-changing alternative payment option for dental, optical, veterinary, and medical clinics. Patients stand to benefit immensely, while healthcare practices will enjoy expedited compensation.

Branden Neish, Weave's Chief Product & Technology Officer, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, emphasizing that "a seamless and speedy payment process may improve patient experience, develop confidence, and drive repeat business." He went on to emphasize the significance of offering more flexible and affordable payment options, empowering patients to manage their healthcare without financial barriers.

Both Weave and Affirm share a common goal, which is to dismantle obstacles to care and ensure universal access to healthcare by extending payment choices. This partnership underscores their joint commitment to enhancing the payment experience for patients and reshaping the landscape of healthcare payments.

Wayne Pommen, Affirm's Chief Revenue Officer, highlighted the significance of this collaboration, stating, "By partnering with Weave, thousands of healthcare practices can now seamlessly add Affirm's transparent and flexible payment options at checkout." Patients now have the opportunity to pay over time without incurring junk fees, late fees, or compound interest, thanks to this forward-thinking alliance.


In an era where accessibility to quality healthcare is paramount, the Weave-Affirm partnership represents a significant leap forward. By revolutionizing payment options and putting patients first, these two industry leaders are set to make a profound impact on the healthcare landscape. As they continue to prioritize patient-centric solutions, the future of healthcare payments looks promising, providing a beacon of hope for millions seeking accessible, affordable, and high-quality care.