WEF Speaker Warns Great Reset Agenda Will “Spectacularly Fail” Without Proper Crypto Regulation

In an ambitious campaign to remake how the world uses technology to better the planet and human lives, the World Economic Forum (WEF) has outlined an agenda it refers to as the “Great Reset.” Since this project was launched in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the WEF has pushed to develop awareness and acceptance of a plan to spur a new Industrial Revolution and usher in an era of sustainable development and a global stakeholder economy.

In contrast with the loftiness of the WEF’s goals, many industry voices have begun wondering if the Great Reset is functionally doomed. In advance of this year’s WEF annual meeting at Davos, Switzerland, deVere Group Chief Executive Officer and Founder Nigel Green suggested that the Great Reset agenda is destined to “spectacularly fail” without concrete action to rein in cryptocurrency markets.

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“The leaders assembled in Davos at the WEF must next week return home to their governments who then need to insist that their financial regulators must stop ‘talking the talk’ and begin to up the ante on regulating the cryptocurrency market,” said Green in a public statement. “The time for endless platitudes on greater regulatory scrutiny is over. Action is required. Should those in attendance at the WEF not advance the agenda of crypto regulation as a result of the 2023 summit, they will have spectacularly failed.”