Will Revolut’s New Behavioral Team Rein in Its Reputation for Aggressive Corporate Culture?

Over the last few years, British fintech company Revolut has encountered a series of setbacks that have stymied its plans for continued global expansion. Despite a valuation of $33 billion and a staff of 6,000 and growing, Revolut has still not been able to secure a banking license in its home country, with criticism of the company’s corporate culture and unrealistic demands of employees cited as major obstacles.

In January of this year, Revolut announced that it would assemble a team to help address these concerns about its failure to implement “values-based behaviors,” centering around a “CultureLab” division made up of data analysts and psychologists. While many see the formation of this team as a means of overcoming its regulatory barriers, Head of People Experience Hannah Francis describes the team as being worth it for its own sake, and a long time in coming.

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“This is more linked to our growth and how we’re changing and the feedback we were getting from our people. We really needed to shift and change,” Francis said in an interview. “What we really wanted to do is make sure that this new value statement kind of covered that more human aspect around our people, and around how we operate with each other.”