Worth AI Launches Revolutionary Risk Management Platform

Worth AI, a fintech SaaS startup founded by industry veterans Sal Rehmetullah and Suneera Madhani, has officially unveiled its artificial intelligence-powered risk management and underwriting technology. The platform, boasting a patent-pending status, aims to revolutionize how enterprises assess the financial creditworthiness of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), offering a single business credit score (WorthScore) that enhances access to capital, reduces risk, increases data transparency, and fuels economic growth. By leveraging AI technology, Worth AI's platform processes a plethora of traditional and non-traditional data sources to swiftly generate unified business profiles and WorthScores, streamlining the underwriting process and fostering equal access to financing for SMBs.

Led by fintech veterans, Worth AI's leadership team comprises executives from industry giants such as Visa, Dun & Bradstreet, American Express, and Google, underscoring the startup's commitment to excellence and industry expertise. The platform offers essential features tailored for financial lenders and SMBs, including accelerated onboarding, accurate and efficient underwriting, predictive risk monitoring, and the cornerstone WorthScore. With its immediate availability for enterprises and a small business dashboard in beta, Worth AI sets the standard for the new business credit score, promising accessibility to loans, streamlined decision-making, and increased growth opportunities for businesses worldwide.

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