The Top 100 Financial Technology Companies of 2023

The Financial Technology Report is pleased to announce The Top 100 Financial Technology Companies of 2023. In a mere two decades, the world of fintech has taken center stage, fundamentally reshaping the financial services industry. No longer a niche market, the world of fintech has gained serious momentum for a number of reasons. This includes a surge in capital investments, increased endorsement from policymakers and regulators on a global scale, and a marked enhancement in the quality and quantity of fintech talent.

Moreover, a key catalyst for industry growth has been the growing number of partnerships between fintech firms and traditional financial institutions. These newfound collaborations have not only enabled large, established organizations to diversify and enhance their offerings but have also introduced the broader public to the potential of financial technology.

As the adoption of fintech services has steadily risen, so too have the returns. Today, the financial services industry as a whole is both massive and highly lucrative. According to a report from EMR, the global fintech market reached a valuation of $194 billion in 2022 and is projected to reach $493 billion by 2028, boasting a compounded annual growth rate of 16.8%. With over half of the world's population still lacking access to adequate banking services or being underbanked, the transformative force of fintech is poised to further expand its global customer base.

This year's selection showcases a wide array of companies, spanning both emerging players and established financial giants. Notable recipients of recognition include Intuit, lauded for its unparalleled standing as a leading provider of fintech software. Renowned for crafting iconic financial software tools like QuickBooks, TurboTax, and Credit Karma, Intuit amassed an impressive $12.7 billion in revenue in the past year.

In a parallel vein, we find the nimble startup Nesto, which has successfully secured a total funding of $130 million since its inception in 2018. With a dedicated team of over 200 employees committed to their mission, Nesto continues to revolutionize the property financing experience for Canadians. Another exemplary case is Fundbox, a company that has garnered acclaim on prestigious lists such as Forbes AI 50. Fundbox's unwavering commitment to empowering small businesses with indispensable fintech solutions has already facilitated the disbursement of more than $3 billion in working capital since its establishment in 2013.

Please join us in celebrating The Top 100 Financial Technology Companies of 2023.


1. PayPal
Category: Consumer Payments

San Jose online payment solution great PayPal is celebrating another year of breaking down financial barriers for its users. Although not untouched by the market turmoil that has threatened fintechs across the board, the company has navigated this difficult time with aplomb, launching a new small business grant program with subsidiary Venmo and adjusting its long-term strategy to continue to thrive for years to come.

A great deal has already been written in celebration of PayPal’s trailblazing rise to stardom. Since its founding in 1998, the company has grown to support over 325 million personal and business accounts in more than 200 countries, and has been honored by industry organizations dozens of times for its achievements in bringing safe, professional financial services to millions worldwide.


2. Fiserv
Category: Payment Solutions

Wisconsin-based financial technology service multinational Fiserv has seen its fortunes continue to rise in the nearly four decades since its founding. Most recently, it has stood out for its unceasing improvements to the Clover business management platform, continuing a history of excellence that has propelled it to be named one of the world’s most admired companies by Fortune eight years running.

Fiserv’s history is characterized by remarkably rapid growth, going public less than two years after its establishment in 1984 and pursuing an assertive strategy of acquiring rival fintechs and launching new digital-first banking and payment products. The result is a company that manages an astonishing 12,000 financial transactions every second, working to support the financial goals of its 1.4 billion account holders.


3. Intuit
Category: Accounting Solutions

The makers of legendary consumer and professional financial software offerings QuickBooks, TurboTax, Credit Karma, Mint, and more, California fintech giant Intuit has distinguished itself with a continuing trend of market disruption and client service. It employs a team of more than 14,000 in its 20 global offices, harnessing the latest in financial technology to post $12.7 billion in revenue last year.

The company was established by Scott Cook and Tom Proulx in Palo Alto in 1983. From its position at the forefront of consumer financial software, Intuit has grown to serve 100 million customers around the world, offering a unique, customer-first business model.


4. Finastra
Category: Banking Technology

Finastra is a global provider of financial software applications and marketplaces, and launched the leading open platform for innovation,, in 2017. It serves institutions of all sizes, providing award-winning solutions and services across Lending, Payments, Treasury & Capital Markets, and Universal Banking (Retail, Commercial & Digital), for banks to support direct banking relationships and grow through indirect channels, such as embedded finance and Banking as a Service. Its pioneering approach and commitment to open finance and collaboration is why it is trusted by more than 8,100 institutions, including 45 of the world’s top 50 banks.



5. Block (formerly Square)
Category: Merchant Payments

Known by the name of its namesake product, Square, until the end of 2021, financial services and digital payments company Block has changed how people buy and sell in their everyday lives. The company has driven innovation in multiple fields, supporting new hardware and software products for Square as well as Cash App, Afterpay, Weebly, and music streaming service Tidal.

The company was started by Jack Dorsey and Jim McKelvey in 2009, born out of an inability to conduct simple transactions involving credit cards. Since that time, Block has provided payment support for billions of dollars in transactions, generating over $17.52 billion in revenue for the company in 2022 alone.


6. Klarna
Category: Payments

Founded in 2005 in Stockholm, Sweden, Klarna's mission is to simplify online shopping. With 150 million active consumers and 500,000+ merchants in 45 countries, Klarna leads in global payments and shopping services. They offer direct payments, pay after delivery, and installment plans in a seamless one-click experience. Notably, Klarna has reimagined online shopping with over 150 million active users and 2 million daily transactions. Major retailers like H&M, Ikea, and Nike trust Klarna's innovative technology and marketing solutions for growth and loyalty.

Additionally, Klarna takes a stand on climate change, joining The Climate Pledge and the Race to Zero campaign. They fund vital climate projects like carbon removal, reforestation, and emissions reduction. In a recent development, Klarna is the sole bank among ChatGPT Enterprise launch customers. They engage users through in-app games and contribute significantly to climate solutions through an internal carbon tax.


7. Revolut
Category: Mobile Banking

British fintech and digital banking provider Revolut has quickly grown into the most trusted name in online monetary services. In addition to carrying its popular all-in-one money management app to new international markets, it has expanded its offerings to include crypto and stock trading, virtual debit and credit cards, and currency exchange.

Revolut’s history has been marked by unmatched growth, jumping from its founding in 2015 out of fintech incubator Level39 to now employing a workforce of 7000 with over 30 million customers globally and posting $361 million in revenue in 2020. The company recently attained official bank status in ten European countries, signaling a new era of expansion for Revolut.


8. Paysafe
Category: Payment Processing

Publicly-held online payments multinational Paysafe is the organization behind their namesake electronic money and digital wallet product, as well as much-loved products by subsidiaries like Skrill and Neteller. Paysafe is one of the world’s most trusted names in digital money transfers and payment processing, conducting more than $120 billion per year in international transactions.

Born as Neteller out of a merger among similar companies in 1996, Paysafe took its current name in 2015 as part of its continued worldwide expansion. 2022 saw the company grow into exciting new sectors, including auto loans in the U.S. Notably, it posted revenues just shy of $1.5 billion in 2021.


9. Oportun
Category: Digital Banking

AI-powered digital banking platform Oportun is on a mission to improve the financial health of its 1.5 million and growing customer base. The San Carlos-based financial technology company has made a reputation for itself with its numerous personal loan, credit card, and savings-boosting solutions.

Founded in 2005, Oportun has regularly topped Inc.’s 5000 list, and is frequently honored as one of the best workplaces in the Bay Area. The company has lived up to its mission to expand credit access among traditionally underserved populations, helping over a million customers without a FICO score establish a credit history so they can build the future they deserve.


10. Adyen
Category: Payments

Adyen, headquartered in Amsterdam with over 4,000 employees, is the financial technology platform of choice for leading companies. Adyen's approach to financial solutions integrates end-to-end payment capabilities, data-driven insights, and an array of financial products within a unified global platform. Today, they empower organizations such as Meta, Uber, H&M, eBay, and Microsoft to navigate the ever-evolving financial landscape seamlessly.

Noteworthy recent collaborations include a partnership with True Alliance, enhancing customer experiences across 19 brands, and becoming one of the first financial technology platforms certified by the Federal Reserve to harness its instant payment infrastructure. Adyen's dedication to innovation is further evident through their expansion into in-person payment solutions with Tap to Pay on Android, as well as their collaboration with Shopify to bolster payment capabilities for enterprise merchants.


11. Guidewire Software
Category: Insurance Software

No other company in the fintech sector has as large and dynamic a partner ecosystem or R&D/services team as Guidewire, the software company relied upon by 450 insurance carriers for property and casualty management needs. The company’s much-lauded cloud platform of the same name exploits breakthrough developments in analytics and AI to help insurers grow and thrive in a complex landscape.

Guidewire has been in business since 2001, and following a rousing public offering in 2012, it has been built into the most recognized software provider in the insurance world. It employs just shy of 3,000 people, and has posted revenues in excess of $700 million for the last several years.


12. Chetu
Category: Financial Software Development

Chetu is a Florida-based backend technology partner offering on-demand custom software development and app support. Enterprise clients making use of Chetu’s many software solutions can count on end-to-end development of mobile and desktop apps needed to keep up in the modern digital climate.

The company’s team of more than 2,800 developers provides an unmatched degree of round-the-clock technological expertise to clients ranging from small startups to major brands and Fortune 5000 companies. Chetu is a seven-time honoree of the Inc. 5000, and is an official member of the 2022 Forbes Technology Council.


13. PayU
Category: Payment Processing

Facilitating more than 10 million transactions around the world every single day, online payment service provider PayU is one of the great success stories in digital payment processing. In addition to the global payment solutions enabled through its vaunted PayU Hub, the company also offers solutions for payment processing optimization, payment security features, and local payment solutions.

PayU is headquartered in the Netherlands, and the company maintains offices in 17 other global locations in Europe, India, Africa, and Latin America. This year the company built up its abilities throughout the Latin American and African markets with new BNPL offerings and fintech acquisitions.


14. Affirm
Category: Consumer Lending

The outfit responsible for the fee-free installment loan offering used for over 17 million purchases, San Francisco fintech Affirm is one of the standout names in BNPL. Among its many key alliances with major brands, Affirm is the exclusive BNPL partner of Amazon, and this year it announced a partnership with Stripe for a unique adaptive checkout service offering throughout the U.S. market.

Launched in 2012 by a team that included PayPal co-founder and current Chief Executive Officer Max Levchin, Affirm’s long-awaited IPO in early 2021 yielded a doubling in stock value in less than 24 hours. The company’s more than 11 million customers use its loans with more than 170,000 merchant partners around the world.


15. Payoneer
Category: Payments

Payoneer, a financial technology company founded in 2005, empowers small and medium-sized businesses globally. Its mission is to enable individuals worldwide to participate in the digital economy. Payoneer has built a global financial platform that simplifies transactions, fund management, and business expansion for millions of SMBs, particularly in emerging markets.

As a partner for digital commerce, Payoneer offers solutions like borderless payments and growth opportunities for businesses in any market. With a customer base ranging from entrepreneurs in emerging markets to industry giants like Airbnb, Amazon, Google, Upwork, and Walmart, Payoneer provides opportunities for all. Recently, Payoneer secured a significant Payment Institution License in Singapore, expanded its capabilities with the acquisition of Spott, and collaborated with Zoho to enhance the payment experience for its customers.


16. Gusto
Category: Payroll Solutions

Gusto is one of the top figures in cloud-based financial services, providing its partners a wide variety of software solutions for payroll, benefits, and human resource management. The company works with entities across the United States to navigate the complicated world of payroll and benefits while adhering to all national and local tax and labor laws.

An outgrowth of the 2012 winter Y Combinator, Gusto began its story as ZenPayroll, and currently partners with more than 200,000 businesses to provide employee benefits and tens of billions of dollars in payroll. Lauded by industry organizations for its simple and intuitive all-in-one platform, Gusto has recently dedicated a great deal of its efforts to improving outcomes for small businesses nationwide.


17. NCR
Category: Retail Point-of-Sales

NCR, with a legacy spanning more than 138 years, stands as the paramount enterprise technology leader for restaurants, retailers, and financial institutions worldwide. Their digital-first approach, adapted to the evolving business landscape, has redefined competition by transforming transactions into meaningful interactions. As the foremost global provider of Point of Sale (POS) software for retail and hospitality, and the premier source of multi-vendor ATM software, NCR offers an extensive array of software, hardware, and services that seamlessly operate from the back office to the front end.

NCR is more than just a digital powerhouse; it's a bridge between the digital and physical realms, enabling clients to connect with consumers anytime, anywhere, while streamlining their operations. With a workforce of over 35,000 employees and a presence in 141 countries, NCR's global reach is unparalleled. Recent milestones include deploying Cashzone ATMs at Barcelona Airport for traveler convenience, assisting First Bank in a self-service banking transformation, and successfully migrating to Google Cloud for digital banking, solidifying NCR's commitment to innovation and facilitating seamless consumer experiences.


18. Monzo
Category: Banking

Founded in 2015 in the UK, Monzo aims to revolutionize banking. Headquartered in London, England, with over 2,400 employees, Monzo focuses on solving financial problems, empowering users, and avoiding traditional product sales. Monzo is creating a bank designed for the digital age, accessible through smartphones, with the goal of crafting the world's best bank account.

Becoming a regulated bank in August 2016, the company has assembled a global team of over 2,000 working from London and around the world. Monzo serves over 8 million UK users who rely on it for efficient financial management. Backed by investors including Passion Capital, Thrive Capital, Goodwater Capital, Accel, and General Catalyst, Monzo is reshaping the future of banking and empowering individuals to take control of their financial well-being.


19. Remitly
Category: Payments

Remitly, headquartered in Seattle, Washington, is a digital financial services provider for immigrants and their families in over 170 countries worldwide. The company facilitates secure, reliable, and transparent money transfers, bypassing the delays, complexities, and excessive fees of traditional remittance methods. Established in 2011, Remitly has expanded globally, with a workforce of over 2,600 employees and offices in key international cities, including London, Cork, Krakow, Singapore, Manila, and Managua.

Recently, Remitly entered the Middle East market with operations in the United Arab Emirates, establishing an office in Dubai. The company also acquired Rewire, adding an account-based remittance product in complementary regions. Rewire's record of innovation and execution aligns with Remitly's mission to revolutionize financial services for immigrants worldwide. Remitly continues to build upon its foundation, driving transformative change for immigrant communities globally.


20. Alfa Insurance
Category: Personal Insurance

Across the Midwest and Southeast, Alfa Insurance is regarded as one of the most trusted names in insurance for homes, autos, businesses, and farms. The company is also lauded for its popular individual and family health and dental insurance, working to offer customers a seamless and positive experience in dealing with the difficulties of keeping their families safe and healthy.

Alfa Insurance began its tenure as a model of stability and reliability in 1946, founded by the Alabama Farmers Federation to be a professional fire insurance solution to members of that organization. Needless to say, the company has since grown far beyond that original goal, now providing insurance and financial services to more than 1 million individuals across the region.


21. Credit Karma
Category: Digital Personal Finance

A subsidiary brand of Intuit since 2020, Credit Karma’s best-in-class credit and financial management offerings have won the company trust among the global lending community and significant financial rewards. Although best known for its free credit score product in the United States, it has also won acclaim with its credit report dispute platform and unclaimed property database monitoring service.

Founded by veteran financial technology entrepreneur Kenneth Lin in 2007, Credit Karma has grown into the most trusted name in identity theft protection and credit history management. It has positioned itself as a friend to the traditionally under-resourced Millennial generation, providing critical help in building a credit history and managing finances.


22. IMC Financial Markets
Category: Financial Market Making

Proprietary trading firm and market maker for major financial instruments of all kinds, IMC Financial Markets (also known as IMC Trading or International Marketmaker’s Combination) leverages the latest in cutting-edge financial services technology to help entrepreneurs create the markets needed for their products or services. Next-level algorithms are deployed on the IMC platform to bring new markets to life.

IMC products are used at more than one hundred trading venues around the world, bolstered by the company’s team of 1,000 employees working out of five worldwide offices. Established in 1989, the company is headquartered in Amsterdam, Chicago, and Sydney.


23. DANA Wallet Indonesia
Category: Payments

DANA is a digital wallet service by PT Espay Debit Indonesia Koe, an Indonesian startup company in the financial technology sector leading the way towards an advanced infrastructure for cashless transactions. Available on iOS and Android, DANA is integrated with various merchants and applications as a payment solution, both online and offline. Dana has 120 million users and processes 10 million transactions per day.

DANA aims to bring inclusive financial services to empower people for better living. The company's goal is to be a pillar of Indonesia's Digital Economy by enabling seamless transactions in society. As a highly secure and scalable payment service platform, DANA seeks to provide Indonesia with a trustworthy and convenient mobile payment system to cater to customer needs and ensure sustainable profitability for stakeholders.


24. Chime
Category: Banking

Chime, headquartered in San Francisco, CA, is a financial technology company dedicated to providing basic banking services. Founded by industry veterans Chris Britt and Ryan King, Chime's mission is to profit alongside its members. Unlike traditional banks, Chime's model shuns overdraft fees, monthly service fees, and minimum balance requirements. Instead, they collaborate with national banks to craft member-centric financial products. Banking Services are provided by The Bancorp Bank, an FDIC member institution.

Chime stands at the forefront of the U.S. challenger banking sector. Members receive a package, including a Chime debit card, Spending Account, Savings Account, and a mobile app for financial control. With a network of investors that includes Aspect Ventures, Cathay Innovation, and Forerunner Ventures, Chime is reshaping the industry by promoting innovation, inclusion, and accessibility. With over 1,600 employees.


25. CloudPay
Category: Payments

CloudPay is a global provider committed to enhancing the employee pay experience for multinational organizations. With a clear vision, CloudPay ensures that employees receive the compensation they rightfully deserve. This company seamlessly integrates all aspects of employee pay processes, spanning payroll, payments, and on-demand pay, through a unified solution operating in over 130 countries worldwide.

In testament to CloudPay's innovation and adaptability, they have forged alliances with industry leaders. Collaborations with Nuvei have fortified their payments capabilities, ensuring greater speed and agility. Furthermore, their partnership with Claro Wellbeing facilitates expert financial education, underlining their commitment to employee financial well-being. Everest has recognized CloudPay as the sole global provider of Earned Wage Access solutions, solidifying their position as a trailblazer in the industry.


26. Chargebee
Category: Payment Processing

As Software-as-a-Service has increasingly become interwoven into how people live and work, San Francisco software developer Chargebee has been building the infrastructure necessary for SaaS to grow and proliferate. With key products for subscription management, recurring billing, payment processing, and SaaS accounting and reporting support, the company has grown into an indispensable part of doing business in the modern digital ecosystem.

Chargebee was founded by a crack team of developers and architects who combined their expertise to construct the framework needed for rapid and reliable growth. Enterprise clients such as Fujitsu and Freshworks have used the company’s products to power their products and expand their business.


27. Zelis
Category: Consumer Lending

Zelis, headquartered in Boston, MA, is a leading company modernizing the healthcare financial landscape. With a workforce of approximately 1,800 professionals, the company is committed to transforming the healthcare experience. Their connected platform acts as a vital bridge, fostering alignment of interests among payers, providers, and healthcare consumers. Notably, Zelis serves over 700 payers, including national health plans, BCBS insurers, regional health plans, TPAs, self-insured employers, and healthcare providers and consumers.

Zelis continually makes headlines for its collaborations. Recent partnerships with Google Wallet, Rectangle Health, and AblePay showcase their commitment to enhancing security, convenience, and efficiency in healthcare, as well as reducing costs for consumers. Additionally, their Healthcare Insights 360℠ and Reference-Based Pricing Solution exemplify their dedication to controlling rising healthcare costs and prioritizing member experiences.


28. Tipalti
Category: Accounting

Tipalti, based in Foster City, California, is a company specializing in global financial operations management. With a workforce of over 1,000 employees, Tipalti offers an integrated platform for Global Partner Payments and Accounts Payable workflows, covering the entire financial operations cycle. The company enables high-velocity organizations to efficiently handle global suppliers, implement procurement controls, streamline invoice processing, execute global payments, and reconcile payables data across multi-subsidiary financial structures. Tipalti's solution emphasizes operational, compliance, and financial controls, facilitating rapid scaling for businesses.

Tipalti serves prominent clients including Amazon Twitch, GoDaddy, Roku,, and ZipRecruiter. In recent developments, Tipalti secured $150 million in growth financing from JPMorgan Chase Bank and Hercules Capital. The company expanded its global reach with the launch of a dedicated European product and a new EMI license. Furthermore, Tipalti has enhanced its Global Alliances Program with over 50 new partners, focusing on reducing friction and increasing efficiency in global payables.


29. Fintech
Category: Payment Processing

There may be no more important figure in technology for the beverage alcohol industry than the Florida-based company known as Fintech. Fintech has brought the cutting edge of data-driven efficiency to suppliers, distributors, and retailers across the country, and its cross-tier data solutions are keyed to optimize efficiency and growth through unmatched reporting and management software suites.

From its headquarters in Tampa, Fintech has worked tirelessly to expand EFT benefits to include beverage purchases, a labor 18 years in the making and now approved in all U.S. states. Its data intelligence and automated payment collection services have saved countless hours for companies operating throughout the industry.


30. Ramp
Category: Expense Management

Ramp, based in New York with 900 employees, is a finance company founded in 2019. It aims to assist finance teams in building healthier businesses by reimagining back-office finance technology. Ramp combines corporate cards with finance operations software to provide businesses of all sizes with essential tools for modernizing their financial operations and thriving in today's landscape. It is the only all-in-one solution designed to help customers save money and empower finance teams.

Ramp powers a rapidly growing corporate card and bill payment platform in America, facilitating transactions worth tens of billions of dollars annually. With a recent fundraising round valuing the company at $5.8 billion, Ramp is on a path to transform the future of finance, with more innovations to come.


31. Freedom Financial Network
Category: Digital Personal Finance

Freedom Financial Network is a leading digital personal finance company. Their solutions help everyday people get on, and stay on, the path to a brighter financial future, with innovative technology and personalized support.

By leveraging proprietary data and analytics, their solutions are tailored for each step of a consumer's financial journey and include personal loans (FreedomPlus), home equity loans (Lendage), help with debt (Freedom Debt Relief), and even financial tools and education ( Freedom Financial Network has more than 2,300 dedicated employees across California, Arizona, and Texas.


32. Kyriba
Category: Payment Solutions

Kyriba is the San Diego software development company behind the revolutionary Active Liquidity Network, the cutting-edge real-time platform that enables companies to activate their liquidity for increased growth and value. The company’s clients enjoy a scalable SaaS platform powered by AI and designed to promote growth opportunities while providing top-notch transaction security.

Kyriba’s award-winning product is used by more than 2,500 corporate clients around the world, including more than one-fifth of Fortune 500 companies working in banking, trading, and other essential financial functions. Kyriba facilitates more than 2.3 billion bank transactions every year, adding up to a staggering $15 trillion exchanged through the platform per month.


33. Qonto
Category: Banking

Qonto, the premier European business finance solution catering to SMEs, boasts a customer base of over 400,000. Established in 2016 by Alexandre Prot and Steve Anavi, this innovative company has revolutionized the financial landscape for small and medium-sized enterprises. Qonto simplifies daily banking and streamlines all aspects of business finances within a single, cohesive platform. Operating across four key European markets—France, Germany, Italy, and Spain—Qonto has cultivated a team of more than 1,300 dedicated professionals.

The company's remarkable journey includes securing €622 million in funding from esteemed investors, propelling it to the ranks of France's most highly valued scale-ups. Notably, Qonto continues its pursuit of excellence by integrating with Penta to enhance services for both existing and prospective clients. Moreover, in 2022, Qonto unveiled a new Paris Headquarters and unveiled ambitious plans for rapid expansion. A monumental €486 million fundraising effort is poised to propel Qonto's European growth, with aspirations to serve one million SMEs and freelancers by 2025.


34. Emburse
Category: Expense Management

With a mission to humanize work through automated expense management and accounts payable solutions, Los Angeles software development company Emburse has eliminated the need for time-consuming payment tasks for its 12 million users in 120 countries and counting. The company has brought to life a wide variety of powerful expense management software products, most notably Abacus, Chrome River, Tallie, and Captio.

Now processing more than $65 billion annually, Emburse is an outgrowth of the 2014 Y Combinator cohort and longtime partner of major brands including Toyota, Boot Barn, and Grant Thornton. Recently, the company announced a new partnership with Mastercard to reimagine how enterprises manage Amazon business purchase expenses.


35. Funding Circle
Category: Commercial Lending

Publicly-owned commercial lender Funding Circle has been delivering much-needed infusions of capital to small and medium-sized businesses for more than a decade with its revolutionary peer-to-peer lending marketplace platform. In addition to providing highly accessible business term loans, it offers flexible lines of credit to its customers.

Born out of lending difficulties that arose in the wake of the 2008 financial crash, Funding Circle was founded in 2010 and has been used to aid more than 122,000 small businesses in securing the loans they need to survive and thrive. The London company’s team has brought over $18.4 billion in financial backing to small businesses operating in all sectors.


36. Addepar
Category: Wealth Management

Addepar is a software and data platform designed for wealth, investment, and asset management firms to deliver results for their clients. Over 800 firms trust Addepar for data-driven investing and advice. Addepar's platform aggregates portfolio, market, and client data for over $4 trillion in assets. Firms can access investment products through Marketplace, offered through Acervus Securities (member FINRA), with a focus on alternative and private market investments.

Addepar's open platform integrates with over 100 software, data, and service partners to provide solutions for a range of firms and use cases. Addepar maintains offices in Silicon Valley, New York City, Salt Lake City, Chicago, London, and Edinburgh, Scotland. In 2022, UBS partnered with Addepar and Mirador for comprehensive wealth analysis and reporting for ultra-high-net-worth clients. HSBC U.S. Private Banking also enhanced wealth management solutions with Addepar.


37. Ripple
Category: Cryptocurrency

Ripple, headquartered in San Francisco, CA, is a pioneering Internet protocol that serves as the linchpin connecting disparate financial systems globally, enabling secure real-time funds transfers in any currency. Ripple's mission is to create an Internet of Value (IoV) by transforming and bolstering existing financial infrastructure. It facilitates access to payment systems for individuals and entities, revolutionizing the movement of value in a manner akin to information exchange.

Founded in 2012, Ripple is a trailblazing enterprise blockchain company with products in active commercial use. Its extensive global payments network encompasses over 300 customers spanning 40+ countries and six continents. Notably, Ripple continues to advance the realm of blockchain technology through strategic collaborations and acquisitions, such as the recent acquisition of Fortress Trust and initiatives like the Palau Stablecoin and CBDC platform in partnership with Republic of Palau and Banco de la República, respectively. Ripple's commitment to an interconnected, value-driven future remains unwavering.


38. CURO Financial Technologies
Category: Lending

CURO, based in Chicago, Illinois, operates a versatile platform offering credit solutions to help customers achieve financial goals. Leveraging decades of experience with alternative data, CURO manages its underwriting and scoring engine to mitigate risks across various credit products. It operates under multiple brands in the US and Canada, adapting to changing customer needs.

With a workforce of 1,600, CURO focuses on innovation and expansion. Recent developments include a partnership with DirectPay, enabling Canadian customer payments through e-Transfer, and a collaboration with Complete Technology Group for full fiber roll-out in MDUs. These initiatives emphasize CURO's commitment to enhancing customer experiences and expanding its presence in the financial services industry.


Category: Payments

Fexco, founded in 1981, connects people and businesses worldwide through innovations in payments, foreign exchange, and business solutions. Committed to growth and customer satisfaction, Fexco processes over €34 billion in annual transactions across FX, treasury, digital tax, and government-backed financing sectors. Notably, Fexco excels in governance and risk management, with enduring partnerships with international financial institutions and banks.

The company's strength lies in constructing, managing, and supporting mission-critical technology platforms for both proprietary products and collaborative ventures. Recent alliances, such as the partnership with DAI Brasil ATM and collaborations with airlines like Vueling and Air Europa, underscore Fexco's commitment to innovative solutions that reshape industries and enhance customer experiences. Fexco's relentless pursuit of excellence continues to drive its global impact and industry leadership.


40. Pleo
Category: Payments

Pleo, a pioneering smart business spending solution, revolutionizes the way companies manage their expenses and financial processes. Founded in 2015 by fintech veterans Jeppe Rindom and Niccolo Perra, Pleo has emerged as a transformative force in the world of corporate finance. With over 25,000 companies in sixteen European markets now relying on Pleo, the company has demonstrated its effectiveness in empowering both employees and finance teams. Pleo's core offering includes company cards and an automated expense reporting system, which simplifies and streamlines the procurement process. The platform captures receipts in real-time, automatically categorizes expenses based on historical data, and eliminates the need for manual expense reports.

Furthermore, Pleo has recently introduced several innovative features, such as the groundbreaking auto-top up functionality, powered by J.P. Morgan payments, demonstrating its commitment to staying at the forefront of financial technology. Additionally, partnerships with Skiller Whale and the launch of multi-entity management and cashback solutions underscore Pleo's dedication to helping businesses grow and scale. With a dedicated team of over 800 professionals spread across seven European office locations, Pleo is poised to continue driving innovation in corporate spending solutions.


41. Mambu
Category: Digital Banking

Mambu, established in 2011, stands as the world's sole authentic SaaS cloud banking platform. With a team of 900 dedicated employees, Mambu extends its innovative capabilities to cater to the diverse financial needs of institutions, including banks, lenders, fintech companies, retailers, telcos, and more. Their distinctive composable methodology empowers organizations to assemble independent components, systems, and connectors in a versatile configuration that aligns precisely with their business goals and customer requirements. Currently serving 230 clients across over 65 countries, Mambu's clientele includes prestigious names such as Western Union, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, and N26, among many others.

Recent milestones include the successful modernization of the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund's housing loans platform in collaboration with Knowit. Furthermore, Mambu's strategic partnership with Google Cloud continues to expand with marketplace availability, and Mutual Vision has chosen Mambu to enhance digital banking offerings for UK building societies. With a proven track record of innovation and global reach, Mambu remains at the forefront of revolutionizing the financial industry.


42. Virtu Financial
Category: Financial Market Making

Founded in 2008 by Vincent Viola and Doug Cifu, Virtu Financial leverages cutting-edge technology to deliver liquidity to global markets and innovative trading solutions to its clients. The company completed its initial public offering in 2015 and merged with technology-enabled trading solutions pioneer ITG in 2019.

Virtu Financial has offices in the U.S., Europe, and the Asia Pacific region. The firm was awarded the 2021 EMS Best Platform Adaptability and Overall Outperformer in The TRADE’s Leaders in Trading Awards; and has donated more than 10,000 hours of volunteer time since 2013 through its Give Back program.


43. Mollie
Category: Payments

Mollie is a pioneer in the finance industry and one of Europe's fastest-growing fintech companies. They believe that every business has the right to grow, driving them to create products that simplify financial services – payments, financing, integrations, and more. Trusted by over 130,000 businesses, Mollie's payment solution offers quick onboarding, transparent pricing, no lock-in contracts, a range of payment methods, powerful plugins, local support, and more.

Based in Amsterdam, Mollie has 700+ employees across Europe, including in the Netherlands, France, Germany, the UK, and Belgium, with 10+ products designed to help businesses succeed. Recently, Mollie integrated with Klaviyo to help merchants boost revenue through marketing automation. They also launched Mollie Terminal, strengthening their in-person payments proposition, and partnered with Billie to bring Buy Now, Pay Later to B2B customers.


44. Lightspeed
Category: Payments

Lightspeed is a global commerce platform that empowers businesses at the core of the economy. Their comprehensive platform enables merchants to streamline operations, expand their reach, and deliver exceptional customer experiences by bridging the gap between online and physical operations, facilitating multichannel sales, offering global payments, financial solutions, and connecting to supplier networks. Founded in Montréal, Canada, in 2005, Lightspeed is dual-listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: LSPD) and the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: LSPD).

With a global presence spanning North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, the company serves industries like retail, hospitality, and golf across more than 100 countries, impacting over 150,000 customer locations. Recent milestones include the launch of Lightspeed's restaurant platform, transforming front-of-house operations for US customers, and an extended partnership with the PGA of Canada. Additionally, NuORDER by Lightspeed introduces an assortment planning solution for brands, showcasing the company's commitment to revolutionizing visual merchandising. Lightspeed's dedication to innovation positions them as a leader in the commerce technology arena.


45. MX Technologies
Category: Digital Banking

Financial institutions and fintech outfits searching for a reliable means to make the most of their data need look no further than MX Technologies. The Utah-based financial services company has powered more than 2,000 financial institutions, bringing the benefit of its people-driven products to more than 200 million customers.

For its rapid ascent from its foundation in 2010, MX has been rightly praised as one of the fastest-growing innovators in the fintech sphere, inventing and building the open finance economy with its remarkable connectivity, data, and account verification products. It has also been praised as a bar-raising employer with regard to workplace culture and equity, winning “best workplace” awards from institutions including Inc., American Banker, and Glassdoor.


46. Wefox
Category: Insurtech

Wefox, founded in 2015 by Julian Teicke, Fabian Wesemann, and Dario Fazlic, stands as a pioneering force in the insurtech landscape. This category-defining platform orchestrates seamless connections among insurance companies, distributors, and customers, ultimately democratizing access to digital insurance solutions. wefox is committed to enhancing safety by leveraging technology to make insurance experiences tenfold better. As the parent company of wefox Insurance, an in-house regulated insurance carrier, it embodies the ethos of trust, clarity, and unity.

Under the visionary leadership of founder and CEO Julian Teicke, wefox assembles a formidable collective of experts encompassing insurance and technology, consultants and programmers, dreamers and doers, misunderstood geniuses, and audacious rebels. Recent developments have solidified wefox's position as an industry innovator. Collaborative ventures with companies like GATE from IVECO and PROPUP underscore its commitment to reshaping the insurance landscape. With an infusion of $110 million, including a $55 million credit facility from J.P. Morgan and Barclays, wefox is primed to continue its transformative journey.


47. Alkami Technology
Category: Digital Banking

Alkami Technology, Inc. is a leading digital banking solutions provider for financial institutions in the United States. Headquartered in Plano, Texas, with over 800 employees, the company empowers clients to grow, adapt quickly, and build digital communities. Alkami offers a range of services, including retail and business banking, digital account opening, payment security, and data analytics and marketing solutions.

Their goal is to help financial institutions compete with megabanks in the digital realm. Recent developments include Alkami's partnership with Atomic to offer a Direct Deposit Solution for Financial Institutions and the launch of the industry's first Engagement Artificial Intelligence (AI) Predictive Model for the Financial Services sector. Lone Star National Bank has also chosen Alkami's Digital Banking Platform, solidifying the company's position as a trusted partner in the evolving digital banking landscape.


48. Billtrust
Category: Payments

Billtrust is a provider of cloud-based software and integrated payment processing solutions that simplify B2B commerce. Accounts receivable relies on conventional processes that are outdated, manual, and paper-based. Billtrust leads the digital transformation of AR, providing solutions spanning credit decisioning, online ordering, invoice delivery, payments, invoicing, cash application, and collections. Billtrust makes B2B payment processes easier. With nearly two decades of innovation in AR automation, they serve customers in 40+ industries with a strong market share in many sectors.

Billtrust's expertise in AR informs their automation efforts, expanding into areas like supplier-driven payments networks, automated invoice delivery in AP portals, and streamlined credit applications. They drive results by increasing electronic adoption of invoices and payments, eliminating bottlenecks. With headquarters in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, and 800+ employees, Billtrust recently surpassed $100 billion in payments volume in 2022 and welcomed partnerships with LYNXUS and NSA Computer Exchange Corp.


49. Lower
Category: Lending

Lower, headquartered in New Albany, OH, maintains a workforce of about 400 employees. It offers a suite of financial products, including mortgages, banking, insurance, and real estate, simplifying homeownership for consumers. Regardless of their life stage, Lower's multi-channel platform streamlines the pursuit of homeownership, from first homes to final residences. Recently, Lower welcomed Opendoor as its first mortgage platform customer, highlighting its growth and innovation.

Furthermore, Lower unveiled its Mortgage as a Service Platform, solidifying its position as a fintech leader. Lower also introduced MortgagePass, a 'Realtor agnostic' cash-offer service, demonstrating its commitment to versatile solutions. With a reputation as a preferred employer and as the naming rights partner of Field, home to the Columbus Crew, Lower continues to reshape the financial landscape and empower homeownership journeys.


50. Bitpanda
Category: Cryptocurrency

Bitpanda, founded in 2014 by Eric Demuth, Paul Klanschek, and Christian Trummer, is a fintech company dedicated to simplifying wealth creation. The company's mission is to empower individuals to trust themselves for financial freedom. Bitpanda's user-friendly platform provides access to a range of investment options, including stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, crypto indices, precious metals, and commodities.

Bitpanda aims to revolutionize the world of finance, making investing accessible to everyone. Recognizing the complexity and costliness of the current financial ecosystem, Bitpanda seeks to become the leading investment platform, not only in Europe but globally. Their platform embodies the belief that investing should be secure and effortless, available to all individuals. With Bitpanda, individuals have the freedom and flexibility to invest in their chosen assets, whether commission-free stocks, cryptocurrencies, or precious metals, with an initial investment as low as $1.


51. Equisoft
Category: Insurtech

Established in 1994, Equisoft is a global provider of insurance and investment digital solutions. Recognized by over 250 financial institutions in 16 countries, Equisoft offers front-end applications, back-office services, and data migration expertise. The firm’s core products encompass a SaaS policy administration solution, CRM, financial needs analysis, planning tools, asset allocation, fund and portfolio analysis, quotes and illustrations, electronic applications, agency management systems, and customer, agent, and broker portals.

Equisoft is also Oracle’s largest partner for the OIPA platform. With a business-driven approach, deep industry knowledge, innovative technology, and a team of over 700 experts worldwide, Equisoft helps clients address challenges in the digital era. Recent highlights include Buck's successful Pensions Dashboard testing, PensionBee's adoption of ViaNova transfer standards, and Broadstone selecting Equisoft’s Pension Fusion as their Pensions Dashboards ISP. Equisoft also secured $125 million in funding, strengthening its position as a global tech leader.


52. Human Interest
Category: Wealth Management

Human Interest Inc., based in San Francisco, CA, is a provider of 401(k) and 403(b) solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Founded in 2015, the company aims to simplify retirement investing for employees in various industries. Human Interest recently introduced Fast Track 401(k), a streamlined retirement plan setup option. This initiative reflects the company's commitment to user-friendly solutions for employers and their workforce.

Human Interest has also partnered with Route Consultant Purchasing Alliance (RCPA) to expand 401(k) access to over 250,000 logistics professionals. Additionally, BlackRock has invested in Human Interest to enhance the availability of retirement plans for working Americans. With a team of over 850 employees, Human Interest Inc. continues to empower businesses and individuals on their path to financial independence and retirement security.


53. Abrigo
Category: Lending

Abrigo, based in Austin, TX, offers compliance, credit risk, and lending solutions to help its clients think bigger. Their mission, "Make Big Things Happen," supports community financial institutions facing regulatory changes, competition, evolving technology, and customer expectations. Abrigo provides product innovation, support, and expertise for clients to achieve significant results.

With around 700 employees, Abrigo has recently partnered with Charm Solutions to launch an AI-powered engine for faster SMB lending decisions. They've also acquired DiCOM Software and partnered with Vertical IQ to boost efficiencies for credit analysts. Furthermore, Abrigo strategically migrated to Amazon Web Services to ensure scalability for the future.


54. SoftClub
Category: Banking Software

SoftClub is one of the leading vendors of integrated solutions for fintechs, eCommerce, banks, public bodies, and stock exchanges in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The company is an expert in digital transformation and legacy systems modernization, helping its clients to respond to changing customer demands. More than 1,500 corporate clients in 24 countries use SoftClub’s software. SoftClub has developed more than 50 proprietary software products, including ICO and сrypto platforms, online and mobile banking, trading and treasury management solutions, CRM systems, сore banking software, and many other applications.

The company’s operations span across EECA, EU countries, and the U.S. With 28 years of experience, SoftClub has one of the most qualified software engineering teams, with more than 1,000 employees, a strong management team, and deep cross-sectoral knowledge. Additionally, SoftClub has substantial expertise in Creatio, supported by around 190 of the company’s engineers. Creatio is the low-code platform for process management and CRM, and it has been ranked one of the market leading products in sales automation by Gartner Magic Quadrant for three years in a row.


55. Pagaya
Category: Banking Technology

Pagaya is a global technology company revolutionizing the financial services sector, offering accessible financial products and services nationwide. Using machine learning and AI-driven approaches, Pagaya provides consumer credit and residential real estate solutions for partners, customers, and investors. Its proprietary API and capital solutions integrate with partners, enhancing access to the mainstream economy. Pagaya has offices in New York and Tel Aviv with 600+ employees.

Recent developments include Pagaya partnering with Värde to provide $108 million in capital support to a multi-billion-dollar credit union. Pagaya also announced an $800 million ABS deal, its eighth in 2023, with $3.9 billion raised this year. A partnership with Westlake Financial demonstrates the growth of Pagaya's auto product, and an expansion of its collaboration with BLVD Residential added 1,000 homes to the Darwin Homes platform. These milestones underscore Pagaya's commitment to reshaping the global financial services landscape.


56. Hippo
Category: Home Insurance

Home insurer Hippo protects more than 200,000 homes in nearly every state, providing a proactive, forward-thinking approach to insurance that keeps safe the things that are most important to modern life. The company takes responsibility for managing every step of the insurance process from every angle, partnering with dozens of insurers and mortgage institutions to deliver customers smart home care services while simultaneously giving key support to lenders and agents. Headquartered in Palo Alto and founded in 2015, Hippo is widely seen as a standout of the contemporary revolution in do-it-yourself home security and insurance.


57. Onfido
Category: RegTech

Onfido, headquartered in London, is a company that simplifies digital identity verification. With around 600 employees, Onfido offers a Real Identity Platform that empowers businesses to verify individuals digitally, tailoring methods to meet various user and market requirements. By combining document and biometric verifications, trusted data sources, and passive fraud detection, Onfido helps businesses meet their risk, regulatory, and user experience objectives without coding complexity.

A key component of Onfido's platform is the Onfido Atlas™ AI, developed in-house over a decade. This AI enables fully automated, end-to-end identity verification that is swift and accurate. Onfido's commitment to innovation and excellence is evident through recent collaborations and acquisitions. They have partnered with entities like the State Bank of India (UK) Limited and 0xKYC to expedite onboarding processes and enhance fraud protection in emerging domains like blockchain and the Metaverse. Moreover, their acquisition of Airside Mobile reflects Onfido's dedication to expanding digital ID services, promising user-controlled identity verification. Onfido continues to lead the way in revolutionizing digital identity solutions.


58. Tink
Category: Open Banking
Tink is an open banking platform that lets its users connect to more than 3,400 European banks and institutions, obtaining enriched and categorized financial data through one API. The company was founded in 2012 and currently employs more than 500 people of over 40 different nationalities, serving 14 European markets out of 10 offices. Its platform is used by more than 10,000 developers and processes more than 10 billion transactions per year. Tink was acquired by Visa in early 2022, and continues its mission to change the banking industry for the better by creating value out of financial data.


59. Melio
Category: Payments

Melio, headquartered in New York, NY, is a game-changer in the world of business payments. With a workforce of approximately 600 dedicated employees, Melio offers a comprehensive payment platform that redefines the way businesses interact financially. By seamlessly merging the capabilities of an accounts payable platform with a robust payment solution, Melio empowers small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to thrive. The platform's primary objective is to level the playing field in the realm of business-to-business commerce, ensuring that SMBs can efficiently manage their financial transactions.

Melio's user-friendly interface facilitates hassle-free business transactions and invoicing. This enables SMBs to redirect their focus from tedious financial tasks to their core mission – delivering exceptional products and services. The company's commitment to innovation is evident in recent developments, such as the introduction of a mobile app for B2B payments and an integration with Xero to streamline payment data synchronization. With Melio, businesses can choose their preferred payment methods, enhance cash flow, and effortlessly stay on top of invoices.


60. Thunes
Category: Payments

Founded in 2016, Thunes is a B2B powerhouse in global payments, serving top-tier businesses like Uber, Deliveroo, Grab, PayPal, and Remitly. They simplify cross-border transactions through a single connection, covering 80 currencies, 130+ countries, and 300 payment methods. Thunes made a strategic move in April 2022 by acquiring Tookitaki, a leading AML and Compliance Platform company, enhancing their compliance, anti-fraud, and anti-money laundering (AML) capabilities.

Based in Singapore, Thunes operates in key global locations: London, Paris, Shanghai, Dubai, Hong Kong, Barcelona, Miami, and Nairobi, with a dedicated team of 300 employees. Recently, Thunes secured an impressive USD $72 million in Series C funding, supported by Visa, EDBI, and Endeavor Catalyst. This has enabled the opening of a Beijing office, driving their expansion in China and shaping the future of global cross-border payments. Thunes is the go-to partner for businesses looking to streamline global transactions and accelerate growth.


61. Varo Money
Category: Digital Banking

While traditional banks leave a sizable portion of the population either unbanked or underbanked, Varo Money seeks to close that gap by offering digital banking services with low barriers to entry, empowering people to better manage their money. Founded in 2015, Varo initially partnered with Bancorp Bank to provide services – and in 2020 went on to become the first consumer fintech to receive a national bank charter from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. The company’s founder and CEO Colin Walsh leads its mission to fight systemic financial inequality and bring access to banking services to all.


Category: Insurance Software

FINEOS is a global software company that provides modernized core systems for life, accident, and health insurers, serving seven of the 10 largest group life and health carriers in the U.S. as well as six of the largest life insurers in Australia. The firm employs more than 700 people in offices spread throughout North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region and its stock is publicly traded on the Australian Securities Exchange. FINEOS is a co-sponsor of GroupTech Connect, a unique event that hosts a conversation around resolving the growing complexity of the Group Benefits insurance value chain.


63. MyComplianceOffice (MCO)
Category: RegTech

MCO is a leader in providing compliance software for financial services firms globally. Their mission is to help firms manage compliance risk on a singular platform. MyComplianceOffice offers employee surveillance, transaction monitoring, and third-party oversight, ensuring compliance obligations are met efficiently.

At the core of the MyComplianceOffice platform lies hierarchy management and integrated data sets, eliminating fragmented systems and manual processes. MCO empowers clients to streamline compliance in one cohesive system, freeing them from "swivel chair compliance." MCO serves clients in regulated environments, providing a solution that supports complex regulatory obligations. They offer flexible options, including a unified suite or individual modules, allowing clients to tailor the system to their needs. MCO's solutions are user-friendly, innovative, and scalable, enabling clients to quickly implement the platform and achieve better compliance outcomes.


64. EverC
Category: eCommerce Risk

Founded in 2015, EverC is dedicated to maintaining the integrity of ecommerce, serving as a cornerstone for marketplaces and the online seller ecosystem to foster growth. EverC's core mission is to instill trust and security in web commerce, creating new business opportunities for marketplaces, payment service providers, acquirers, banks, and merchants. Their team boasts expertise in risk intelligence, data science, fintech, payments, and financial risk domains. Guided by experienced executives known for driving revenue growth, EverC has rapidly risen in prominence. The company maintains its headquarters in Tel Aviv and New York, with offices in the UK and Shanghai to cater to diverse markets.

Notably, EverC has recently expanded its platform, adding Know Your Business (KYB) and screening for Adverse Media, Sanctions, and Politically Exposed Persons (PEP). They've also formed strategic partnerships, such as teaming up with Wish to bolster the growth of ecommerce merchants globally. Furthermore, EverC's dedication to innovation has attracted investments from Kroll, furthering the growth of the fraud detection technology ecosystem.


65. Advance Financial
Category: Lending

Founded in 1996, Advance Financial is a leading fintech company based in Nashville, Tennessee. Family owned and operated, it employs over 1,000 team members across its 100+ stores in Tennessee and offers online services in 13 states throughout the country. Recent recognition includes the 2019 Inc. 5000 fastest-growing private companies (8 straight years), an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau, Nashville’s 4th fastest growing company (2019, Nashville Business Journal), Forbes Best Employers for New Graduates (2018), and Indeed Top-Ranked Workplace for Compensation/Benefits (2018). At Advance Financial, the mission is to be the leading retailer of financial services in the communities it serves by building strong and profitable relationships with employees and customers.


66. Tookitaki
Category: RegTech

Tookitaki, founded in 2015 and headquartered in Singapore, is transforming financial crime detection and prevention for banks and fintechs. Their Anti-Money Laundering Suite (AMLS) and Anti-Financial Crime (AFC) Ecosystem employ a community-based approach to disrupt criminal silos, resulting in sustainable AML programs with enhanced risk coverage and precision in detection. Serving top banks and fintech companies in Asia, including Singapore-based South Asean Bank, Philippines' largest digital bank, China's global fintech giant, and one of Asia's largest digital banks, Tookitaki's innovative technology adapts to evolving financial crime challenges.

The AMLS is a comprehensive solution for AML compliance, reducing false positives, boosting true positives, and enhancing overall compliance. Its high configurability tailors the platform to each institution's unique needs. The AFC Ecosystem, an expert-driven entity, uncovers hidden money trails. This dedicated approach empowers financial partners to reveal elusive money trails, strengthening the fight against financial crime. Tookitaki stands as a pioneering force in this crucial endeavor.


67. Ethos
Category: Life Insurance

Data-driven life insurance platform Ethos is on a mission to redefine how consumers select and purchase the policies they need to take care of their families. Harnessing deep technology and data science, the company’s full-stack platform removes the roadblocks that keep buyers from finding the right life insurance, issuing billions of dollars in coverage every month.

An honoree of Forbes’ Top 50 Fintechs list, Ethos’ business model has drawn considerable attention from top investors thanks to multiple home-run fundraising rounds totaling more than $400 million. Among its initiatives to help customers prepare for the future, Ethos conducted a critical survey this year illuminating how poorly prepared most Americans are for end-of-life preparations for their loved ones.


68. 10x Banking
Category: Digital Banking

10x Banking (10x) is a financial technology company headquartered in London, England, with approximately 300 employees. Their mission is to transform the banking industry by placing the customer at the center of their operations. At their core is SuperCore®, a proprietary cloud-native core banking platform. This technology enables client banks and financial service providers to offer customers a more personalized and timely financial experience in a digital world.

What distinguishes 10x is their end-to-end approach. Every aspect of their operation is meticulously designed, resulting in a comprehensive operating system for banks on a global scale. A recent partnership with Iress aims to transform the mortgage experience for banks and building societies. 10x Banking is changing the way banks operate, ushering in a new era of customer-centric, cloud-native banking solutions poised to reshape the industry.


69. Pie Insurance
Category: Insurtech

Pie Insurance, headquartered in Washington DC and Denver, Colorado, is reshaping small business commercial insurance through innovative technology. Their mission is to enable small businesses to thrive by making commercial insurance affordable and as easy as pie. Pie Insurance has secured over $615 million in funding since its inception in 2017 and has partnered with more than 4,000 agencies nationwide. By assessing risk accurately across various small business types, Pie Insurance offers competitively priced insurance solutions for small business owners.

In 2022, Pie Insurance secured a $315 million Series D funding round, emphasizing its strong market presence. Additionally, Pie has formed strategic alliances with industry leaders like Bold Penguin, Talage, and Tarmika, reinforcing its commitment to redefining commercial insurance. With around 400 employees and a growing portfolio of partnerships, Pie Insurance continues its journey, delivering accessible and cost-effective insurance solutions to small businesses nationwide.


70. CAIS
Category: Alternative Investments

Founded in 2009, CAIS is the leading alternative investment platform for financial advisors who seek improved access to and education about alternative investment funds and products. CAIS provides financial advisors with a broad selection of alternative investment strategies including hedge funds, private equity, private credit, real estate, and structured notes, allowing them to capitalize on opportunities and/or withstand ever-changing markets. Additionally, CAIS provides an industry-leading learning system, CAIS IQ, that helps advisors learn faster, remember longer, and improve client outcomes.

All funds listed on CAIS undergo Mercer’s independent due diligence and ongoing monitoring, and Mercer diligence reports and fund ratings are available to advisors on the CAIS password-protected platform. CAIS streamlines the end-to-end transaction process through digital subscriptions and integrated reporting with Fidelity, Schwab, and Pershing, making investing in alternatives simple.


71. Sorbet
Category: Payments

Founded in 2019, Sorbet is revolutionizing the way employees perceive paid time off (PTO). Sorbet's groundbreaking platform empowers individuals to fully capitalize on their accrued vacation days, granting them immediate access to earned compensation when they require it most. Sorbet allows employees to finance dream getaways, invest in personal development, or even manage everyday expenses by providing cash advances against their untapped PTO. The company firmly believes that everyone should have the liberty to dictate the use of their hard-earned PTO.

With Sorbet's streamlined application process, accessing PTO balances has never been simpler, effectively erasing the need to bide time for a job transition. Sorbet's mission is to liberate employees from the constraints of traditional PTO policies, ensuring that they can harness the true potential of their time off. By reshaping the PTO experience, Sorbet is helping individuals make the most of their leisure and personal aspirations.


72. Nesto
Category: Mortgage

Nesto, headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, is a company on a mission to revolutionize property financing in Canada. Their core objective is to deliver a transparent experience to homebuyers, simplifying every step of the property financing journey. Nesto achieves this mission by harnessing technology to swiftly scan the market, identifying affordable mortgage options within seconds. With their technology, Nesto ensures that individuals secure suitable mortgages, potentially saving thousands in interest expenses without the need for negotiation.

In 2022, Nesto secured an $80 million Series C financing round, enabling them to accelerate their expansion across Canada and introduce the innovative nesto Mortgage Cloud. IG Wealth Management has recognized Nesto's potential and partnered with them to bolster their mortgage business, solidifying Nesto's position as a trailblazer in the property financing landscape. With over 200 employees dedicated to their mission, Nesto continues to transform the property financing experience for Canadians.


73. Matic
Category: Property and Casualty Insurance

Matic is a P&C insurance technology platform that combines a digital marketplace with an agency of licensed advisors. With a mission to simplify their customers’ world of insurance, Matic offers a variety of property and casualty insurance products to protect consumers’ personal assets—including homeowners, auto, pet, flood, earthquake, and more. Matic has been a TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield finalist and has been recognized as a Business First Best Place to Work and a HousingWire Tech100 Mortgage Winner for four consecutive years.

Founded in 2014, Matic (short for automatic) has changed the landscape of the insurtech industry by trailblazing the concept of “embedded insurance,” creating a buying process that fits naturally into the home and auto ownership experiences. Today, Matic’s unbiased insurance platform has more than 40 A-rated home and auto carriers, as well as distribution partners in industries ranging from mortgage origination and servicing to banking, real estate, auto companies, and more.


74. Spiff
Category: Accounting

Spiff, headquartered in Sandy, Utah, is a leading sales compensation platform that automates commission calculations and motivates teams to drive top-line growth. Their intuitive user interface, real-time insights, and seamless integrations make Spiff the preferred choice for high-growth enterprises. What sets Spiff apart is its unique blend of spreadsheet-like familiarity and powerful automation capabilities, empowering finance and sales operations teams to effortlessly manage incentive compensation plans.

Spiff has recently announced a Series C Funding Round to accelerate the automation of sales and finance processes. With approximately 300 dedicated employees, Spiff continues to revolutionize the world of sales compensation, delivering innovation, transparency, and efficiency to organizations on their path to success.


75. Papara
Category: Digital Banking

Papara is a financial technology company reshaping the financial application landscape with a user-centric approach. Founded in April 2016 after obtaining an "Electronic Money Institution" license, it began operations in August 2016. Papara, as the first non-bank in Turkey to issue a Mastercard logo prepaid card, now holds memberships with Mastercard, Visa, and the Interbank Card Center.

With seven years of operation, Papara has amassed a community of 17 million users and a team of 500 professionals. Its innovative products are favored by millions of users for their everyday transactions. Recently, Papara made waves in the financial industry by acquiring Rebellion, propelling it into the ranks of Europe's FinTech unicorns.


76. Mesh Payments
Category: Payment Solutions

Mesh Payments is on a mission to help finance teams automate, control and optimize their corporate spend, from T&E to SaaS subscriptions, and bring efficiencies to the entire CFO stack so companies can operate more nimbly, respond to changing market conditions and extend their runway. Mesh upended the stagnant corporate card market with its real-time, insights-driven corporate spend management platform. Mesh is purpose-built to save finance managers valuable time, automate manual processes that weigh down finance teams today and give CFOs the insights they need to better manage day-to-day financial operations.


77. Finix
Category: Payment Processing

From startups to publicly traded companies, Finix offers everything software platforms need to build a world-class payments experience. Leading SaaS, marketplace, and e-commerce platforms (i.e. providers serving restaurants, yoga studios, small retailers, etc.) use Finix’s API and dashboard to accept payments quickly, eliminate manual workflows, delight customers, and grow revenue fast.

Moving money is a fundamental human activity and critical to the health of our global economy. However, innovation from established financial services providers has failed to keep pace with the needs of SaaS platforms and their users. Since its founding in 2015, Finix has been rewriting the financial services industry one API at a time to lower barriers to entry, drive competition, and make the financial system more equitable and accessible for people around the world.


78. Financeit
Category: Point-of-Sale Financing

Financeit is a market-leading point-of-sale financing provider servicing the home improvement, vehicle, and retail industries. Financeit’s innovative cloud-based technology makes it easy for merchants to increase close rates and transaction sizes with affordable monthly or bi-weekly payment plans. The Financeit platform features a fast, transparent application process and has serviced more than 9,000 merchant partners across Canada, with over $2 billion in lifetime originations.


79. VeraBank
Category: Banking

VeraBank has been a pillar of financial stability in Texas since 1930. With a dedicated team of nearly 550 employees, they extend their services across 19 counties in East, Central, and Southeast Texas. VeraBank boasts a network of 39 conveniently located branches, managing assets totaling $4 billion and trust assets nearing $995 million. VeraBank's commitment to providing personal service while embracing cutting-edge banking technology sets them apart in the financial sector. In addition, VeraBank emphasizes its dedication to security and customer satisfaction by being a Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).


80. Kabbage from American Express
Category: Business Lending

Kabbage from American Express is an online financial technology company based in Atlanta, Georgia, providing funding directly to small businesses and consumers through an automated lending platform. Founded in 2009, Kabbage has innovated a data and technology platform to provide small businesses with automated cash flow solutions, including business checking accounts, online payments, business insights, and flexible lines of credit up to $250,000. Kabbage uses real-time data and automation to provide an integrated suite of financial tools empowering small businesses to spend less time on their books and more time on building thriving businesses. The company was acquired by American Express in 2020.


81. Bakkt
Category: Digital Asset Management

Bakkt was founded in 2018 as a subsidiary of Intercontinental Exchange, Inc., the parent organization of the New York Stock Exchange. The company operates a technology platform for the management and conversion of digital assets, including cryptocurrencies, loyalty and rewards points, airline miles, and gift cards, as well as a cryptocurrency exchange and wallet.

Led by Chief Executive Officer Gavin Michael, the Alpharetta, Georgia-headquartered company employs more than 600 people. Bakkt has partnered with companies such as Starbucks and Wyndham Hotels to enable the conversion of digital assets to and from rewards points within its ecosystem.


82. Vitas Group
Category: Banking

Vitas Group, a for-profit microfinance subsidiary of the U.S.-based non-profit organization Global Communities, is dedicated to leveling the financial playing field for small business owners who often find themselves excluded from traditional banking services. Founded on the principle of equitable access to reliable and affordable financing, Vitas Group has been a catalyst for economic growth and improved living standards for over two decades. With a remarkable track record spanning more than 20 years, Vitas Group has been instrumental in providing micro and small businesses in the Middle East and Romania with the financial support they need to thrive.

Notably, their commitment to social impact sets them apart, evident in their licensing by central banks in Romania, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq. Headquartered in Silver Spring, MD, with a dedicated team of over 200 employees, Vitas Group remains steadfast in its mission to deliver tailored financial products and services that not only meet the immediate needs of their clients but also contribute to the long-term development of individuals, their businesses, their families, and their communities.


83. LendKey
Category: Consumer Lending

Founded in 2009 as Fynanz, LendKey Technologies, Inc. is a lending platform and online marketplace that allows consumers to apply for and receive private student loans, student loan refinancing, and home improvement loans from their local institutions. LendKey’s cloud-based tools and infrastructure enable the nation's 13,000-plus community financial institutions to enter online lending and offer loans for various asset classes.

With headquarters in New York City with offices in Cincinnati, Ohio, the company is at the center of the lending ecosystem, providing institutional investors, banks, credit unions, affiliates, and borrowers with transparency, access, efficiency, and speed.


84. Docupace
Category: Wealth Management Solutions

Founded in 2002, Docupace is a technology company built for the financial services industry. The company is a leading digital operations technology provider that simplifies how wealth management firms process and digitize data while also increasing efficiency, productivity, and profits. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles and serves a variety of firms, including some of the largest in the financial services industry.

With the secure, cloud-based Docupace Platform, the company provides a suite of digital solutions that helps broker-dealers, RIAs, and their advisors streamline and automate client onboarding, document management, advisor transitions, Regulation BI, cybersecurity, and other critical workflows while maintaining SEC and FINRA compliance.


85. Hometap
Category: Unique Financing Structure

In a system in which homeowners’ equity in their place of residence is traditionally locked away for decades at a time, Boston financial services company Hometap offers the opportunity to access that funding for critical life expenditures. Using a unique loan structure powered by the latest financial technology, the company allows homeowners to use their equity immediately and manage their money with unprecedented control and convenience. Notably, Hometap has been changing the game for homeowners since its inception in 2017. In recent years, it has been hailed by industry voices for its visionary leadership and revolutionary business model.


86. iBusiness Funding
Category: ​​Business Lending

iBusiness Funding is a software and lender service provider specializing in SBA Small Balance Lending. Its software, technology, and process enable it to support loans from $10,000 to $5 million, and its technology solutions have been proven to quickly scale its clients’ portfolios without the overhead. Its self-service lending origination software, LenderAI, boasts no implementation fees, free and instant setup, a digital borrower application and documentation, and is SOC 2 compliant.

iBusiness Funding’s goal is to provide the underserved small business community with fast access to working capital through the use of technology and innovation. It was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Miami Beach, Florida – with offices in San Francisco and Bangalore.


87. Credibly
Category: Lending

Credibly, a data science-driven fintech lending platform, is dedicated to revolutionizing SMB financing. Founded in 2010, the company has provided over $1.5 billion in capital to SMBs. Credibly offers balance sheet, syndication, and off-balance sheet funding options, along with data science capabilities for partners. Based in Southfield, Michigan, with offices in New York and Arizona, Credibly's mission is to be the premier small business lender. They leverage data science, technology, partner relations, and customer support to provide tailored capital solutions, from working capital loans to merchant cash advances.

Credibly has sustained impressive growth, even during the COVID-19 pandemic, achieving record origination numbers. Notable achievements include acquiring servicing rights to a $250 million portfolio in 2017, setting an industry precedent. Recognitions include Crain's 50 fastest-growing companies in New York, Inc. 500 list appearances, and the Best Overall Business Lending Company award from Fintech Breakthrough Awards. Credibly's success is rooted in its exceptional team, driven by core values that define their culture, ensuring continued innovation and excellence in SMB lending.


88. ARCA
Category: Banking Technology Solutions

Since 1998, ARCA has been a global leader in developing cash automation technology for banks, retail locations, and self-service kiosks. The company’s overriding drive is to develop technology and services that make transactions simpler, more efficient, and more secure. It provides this technology to financial institutions, retail clients, and original equipment manufacturers, assisting with everything from installation and project management to live help desk support and ARCA Care monitoring.

With corporate headquarters in North Carolina, the company has worldwide offices in Italy, France, and the U.K. with customers in more than 50 countries. It also boasts accolades such as inclusion on the IDC Financial Insights Fintech Ranking Top 100.


89. Fundbox
Category: Business Lending

Fundbox, an embedded working capital platform for small businesses, offers accessible solutions through embedded experiences in business solutions or directly via its website and mobile app. With a track record of connecting with over half a million businesses and facilitating more than $3 billion in working capital, Fundbox has garnered accolades such as Forbes AI 50, CB Insights Fintech 250, and Fintech Breakthrough Awards since its founding in 2013.

The company, headquartered in San Francisco, California, and with offices in Dallas, Texas, New York, New York, and Tel Aviv, Israel, boasts a team of 300+ employees. In 2022, Fundbox strengthened its commitment to small businesses by partnering with Visa to offer innovative payment solutions. Fundbox's dedication to empowering small businesses with essential working capital solutions has made it a leader in its field.


90. Nymbus
Category: Banking Technology Solutions

Nymbus, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, is revolutionizing the financial services market with its disruptive approach to traditional business models. They enable financial institutions of any size to rapidly establish a full-service digital bank or seamlessly transition to their acclaimed core systems. The company's recent milestones include securing $70 million in Series D funding and forming strategic partnerships. These partnerships, such as the one with Citizens Bank of Edmond, have introduced groundbreaking initiatives like Roger.

Notably, collaborations with institutions like MSUFCU have enhanced services for small and medium-sized businesses. Additionally, Nymbus is pioneering the future of financial services, as seen in their collaboration with Vantage West Credit Union to launch an innovative niche digital financial brand. With a commitment to reshaping the industry, Nymbus is poised to define the future of financial services.


91. FinTech Automation, LLC
Category: Wealth Management Solutions

FinTech Automation (FTA) is a Dallas, Texas-based financial technology company dedicated to building a fully digital financial experience with little to no code. The FTA UniFi Platform is the foundational component—or building blocks—to help its clients drive innovation and business growth without worrying about the technology that supports it. The UniFi platform offers banking, payments, compliance, and wealth management Software-as-a-Service applications, which are integrated with over 40 partners to offer analytics, databases, open banking, and AI, among others.

FTA has become a leading-edge technology firm that is transforming the wealthtech, fintech, and Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) verticals in the financial services industry. FTA has created solutions that can automate most administrative activities, integrate industry specific enabling technology, and provide unparalleled support for management with instant data and dashboards. In 2020, FTA launched its open banking payments platform that is transforming the way businesses are able to process transactions. Using specialized compliance technology, the platform provides security along with critical compliance oversight and anti-money laundering safeguards.


92. Verico Canada
Category: Lending

VERICO, founded in 2005, emerged with a vision: to bring together mortgage originators in Canada, fostering opportunities for this group of professionals. Their collective mission was to make an impact on the Canadian mortgage landscape. In 2010, VERICO achieved a milestone, amassing $10 billion in combined loan volume, competing with Canada's top five banks in the mortgage sector. Today, VERICO continues to set the standard in the industry. With commitment to professionalism, excellence, and ethical standards, they facilitate over $18 billion in mortgage origination annually, providing assistance to more than 45,000 families.

VERICO Canada is a network comprising the nation's mortgage experts, dedicated to delivering brokerage services. Their ethos revolves around professionalism, expertise, and ethical conduct. When it comes to mortgage needs, look no further than VERICO—a symbol of trust and reliability. Connect with a VERICO Broker today to experience mortgage excellence.


93. Immediate
Category: Consumer Lending

Immediate is a pioneering company headquartered in Birmingham, AL, dedicated to revolutionizing how businesses approach employee recruitment, engagement, and retention. At its core, Immediate offers a cutting-edge financial wellness solution that empowers employees with on-demand access to their hard-earned wages. By seamlessly integrating with major payroll providers and time tracking management software, Immediate ensures that employees' earnings are always up to date in real-time.

The company's innovative approach allows employees to effortlessly transfer their wages with a simple click, directly to their bank accounts or loadable debit cards. One of Immediate's standout features is its ability to help employees navigate the financial challenges posed by traditional bi-weekly pay cycles. By providing consistent streams of income, Immediate helps smooth out financial peaks and valleys, thereby breaking cycles of debt and diminishing reliance on predatory alternative lending sources.


94. Asset-Map
Category: Wealth Management Solutions

Asset-Map is a Software-as-a-Process experience for financial professionals who provide in-person and remote advice in the wealth management, investment, and insurance markets. Typically included as part of the financial planning engagement process, Asset-Map centers around the digital visualization of household facts to build highly customized, design-thinking presentations in minutes that help advisors and their customers make better financial decisions. Asset-Map is used by thousands of professionals worldwide, having mapped more than 1 million people and $1.4 trillion in financial instruments.


95. Mynt
Category: Lending

Mynt, based in Stockholm, provides a corporate credit card and spend management solution. Founded in 2019 in Sweden, Mynt is revolutionizing corporate spending and accounting processes. Their platform grants real-time expenditure control, automating receipt management by seamlessly integrating transactions with accounting systems. Mynt prioritizes trust and freedom for teams through an intuitive interface and transparent expense tracking.

Holding an E-money license and a Visa Principal Membership, Mynt can issue its own cards and maintains high industry standards. Mynt offers a practical solution for businesses facing spending and accounting challenges. Interested parties can easily schedule a demo with Mynt's sales team at or access information at Mynt's commitment to financial innovation and efficiency makes it a trusted partner for businesses seeking excellence in financial operations.


96. GradGuard
Category: Education Insurance

College is riskier than it looks. There are many obstacles students may face on the road to graduation that can cost them hundreds if not thousands of dollars: a serious illness or injury, a stolen laptop, or a residence hall flood can all cause financial losses for students and their families. That's where GradGuard can help. Its pioneering tuition and renters insurance programs enable students to protect their investment in higher education. When the unexpected happens, GradGuard can provide a reimbursement and help students get back on track.

GradGuard is the #1 provider of college renters and tuition insurance. Since 2009, GradGuard has protected more than 1.3 million students at more than 1,800 unique institutions. GradGuard’s innovative protections are embedded within the enrollment processes of the largest and most prestigious universities in the United States, ensuring their students are protected from the risks of college life.


97. Expansion Capital Group
Category: Working Capital Solutions

Business owners in need of working capital financing can do no better than engaging the services of Expansion Capital Group, a South Dakota financial services company specializing in providing the expansion capital that modern entrepreneurs need. It has partnered with more than 14,000 small businesses, issuing over $400 million in working capital through its expansive financing offerings. In keeping with its reputation as a trusted partner to business owners, Expansion Capital Group has been named one of the best places to work in fintech several years in a row, including this year.


98. Propel(x)
Category: Alternative Investments

Propel(x) is a digital alternative investment platform that enables accredited investors to invest in startups, venture capital funds, and hedge funds. Their customers range from individual accredited investors writing checks as small as $5,000 to some of the largest family offices and funds writing checks of a million dollars or more.

Backed by Franklin Templeton, investors in Propel(x)’s portfolio startups include BlackRock, QED, Khosla Ventures, Founders Fund, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, and Data Collective Ventures. Propel(x) portfolio companies have cumulatively raised over $2 billion from the Propel(x) platform and other sources. The average amount invested per investor was over $73,000 in 2021.


99. PayFit
Category: Payments

Established in 2015 by Firmin Zocchetto, Ghislain de Fontenay, and Florian Fournier, PayFit is a company that revolutionizes and simplifies payroll and HR processes for businesses. PayFit offers an intuitive and automated SaaS solution that enables employers to efficiently manage payroll and human resources, saving them time and allowing employees access to a dedicated online platform. The company's ambition is to support digital HR transformation through a reliable SaaS solution.

PayFit simplifies payroll and HR management for SMBs, with a focus on efficiency. The company's mission is to facilitate digital HR transformation through its expanding range of features and services. Initially based in France since 2015, PayFit has quickly grown in Germany, Spain, and the UK, earning the trust of over 6,500 companies, including Biocoop, Heetch, and Gymlib. With a team of over 700 employees and €254 million in funding, PayFit is well-positioned for future growth. In 2022, PayFit secured $271 million in funding to enhance its payroll solution for SMEs, marking a significant milestone in its journey.


100. Paga
Category: Mobile Payment Processing

Paga is a London-based mobile payment company building an ecosystem to simplify financial access for its users, enabling them to send and receive money, as well as pay bills and top up mobile airtime and data.

Founded in early 2009 by Tayo Oviosu, the startup is helping eliminate the use of cash for transactions and providing access to financial services for people across Africa. The company’s first market was Nigeria, where it serves more than 19 million unique users. In 2020, Paga entered into a partnership with Visa to expand its reach to Visa’s global payments network.